PS3 Exclusive Fighting Game In Development

Earlier in the year it was discovered that the independent studio based in California, SuperBot Entertainment was working on an un-announced ”combat heavy” multiplayer title for the PS3. Today new information about this exclusive game indicates that SBE is developing a “very amazing” fighting game.

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StrongMan2347d ago

This should be good. I guess we'll never get Killer Instinct III.

Abash2347d ago

Sounds like that Sony Smash Bros. game could be really happening and these guys are the developers

DrRichtofen2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

A Sony Smash Bros like game would be an instant day 1 buy for me : D

Iamback2347d ago

Bummer, don't care one bit about that genre.

-Alpha2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

The genre is great for parties, though I prefer Power Stone to SSB... mainly because I got my ass kicked all the time

UnSelf2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

i could already envision the intro to the game:

a man in a dark hallway quietly paces himself down a poorly lit corridor which opens up into a room wit very little lighting. he continues to creep along until he sees a shiny blue treasure glistening on top of a podium.

he goes to picks up the treasure when all of a sudden the entire room is lit up by the torches along the walls. the man is suddenly visible and we learn that its Eddie Raja who suddenly turns around a to see a smiling Sulley flicking a lighter up and down.

all of a sudden Drake snatches the treasure off of the podium, which then skyrockets both him and Raja to a higher arena like collesium. We see ropes from above shoot down. 14 Helghast lands and Raja and Drake start taking them out one by one. As they fight the Helghast and each other, the treasure is hit out of Drakes hand by a flying arrow.

Twing Twang sits high in a far tree and waves coyly at them. Drake continues to scramble for the treasure when it all of a sudden stops rolling as if hitting something invisible. The invisible wall materializes into Radecs foot. He picks up the blue treasure nods and takes off in a jetpack. Rico and Sevchinko intercepts him in midair, hitting the treasure out of his hand.

The treasure now suspended in midair, is about to be grabbed by Sev until a laserwhip grabs it. The lasership powered by Ratchets gun, now reels in the blue treasure, which then another metal chain grabs his whip.

Clank now latches himself on to Ratchets back and transforms into a powerful rotor to help him reel it in from Narikos grasp. Nariko launches a blade at Ratchet and Ratchet fires a powerful shot at her. Knocking them both down. Remaining Helghast all rush for the treasure until an Ionic Storm eradicates all of em. A smiling Cole McGrath picks up the treasure and tries to absorb it and faints....

The stadium shakes and 4 earth shaking Colossi emerge from the grounds.

Drake, Cole, Nariko, Ratchet and Raja all on the ground just starting to wake are mortified by the sudden sight of these beasts. as the beasts approach them, the shadow of a single leg can be seen standing over Drake. He scoffs, then chuckles as the camera pans up from the back of Kratos' legs up to his head as he slowly unsheaths his blades from his back while facing the Colossi....

Sony Smash Brothers

end intro

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Pikajew2347d ago

KI will never be on a sony platform. Nintendo or MS are the most likely to get it since MS owns rare and the originals were on Nintendo platforms. KI has nothing to do with Sony

Silly gameAr2347d ago

Apparently, it has little to do with the big N or MS, because Rare is never going to get around to making a new KI game. Hell, I'm tired of waiting.

egidem2347d ago

...and now look what has happened to Rare. I'm betting they wish they were having good days like they did when they developed for the NES.

This is a good powerhouse studio, and Microsoft goes ahead, buys them and gives them cheap projects like Xbox Live arcade titles and the sort. I wonder what they're working on right now.

Somehow I feel that when Microsoft bought them, it was a mistake...good talent is just sitting down there, going to waste on simple stuff.

Micro_Sony2347d ago

@edgiem - What makes you think Rare is not happy with MS?

You do realize that Big games take much more time away from developers and families - also the crunch time can be very stressing.

Rare is making good money from MS and they do not have to worry about getting cut or the company going down.

egidem2347d ago

@Micro_Sony -

Their financial standings might be in good order, but they lost such a huge reputation that they used to have as one of the best devs back then. During the NES era, they gained critical acclamation for awesome games like Donkey Kong Country and Banjo-Kazooie etc.

I also didn't mention anything about their unhappiness under Microsoft's roof. I said that their talent is going to waste. I mean these are the same dudes who made GoldenEye 007 (for frack's sake!); one of my favorite shooters of all time, and considered by some as THE BEST FPS OF ALL TIME. This game pushed boundaries on consoles, was ahead of its time.

You'd be expecting them to be PUSHING BOUNDARIES now that they live under Microsoft's roof, but it's not what's happening. You'd expect them to be at events like every E3 with awesome games to show off...but nope.

I feel like if Microsoft bought them and isn't using their talents fully, so why buy them in the first place? To work on simple casual crapware like Kinect Sports? Surely they can do SO MUCH BETTER than that!

They should've stuck with Ninty, and they would've made a stack load of money during the Wii time, because they were once partnered with Ninty, made awesome games and had a huge fanbase whose attention these guys catered to. Now these fans are sitting around wondering if Rare will rise from the dust and blow our minds with something cool again, like the old days.

In their current standings, I say their current master doesn't think so.

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Freddy_Millz12347d ago

Nah, U wont get another Killer Instinct on PS3 because Microsoft owns Rare. After the last screw up thats known as Banjo Kazooie, most of the team jumped ship too. So chances of a KI are slim and not at all my friend.

egidem2347d ago

...and we have Microsoft to thank for that!

Rhezin2347d ago

HAHAH YES! I'm gonna be an ace at this game, like all my other friends are at super smash! Those bastards I'll be able to school them for once! MUWHAUWHAHAHA

Optical_Matrix2347d ago

Looks like this shit is actually happening. Can't wait to find out more. Seems as though Paul Gale wasn't actually lying when he said a Sony fighting game was in development. Time for me to go eat that crow.

Acquiescence2347d ago

Maybe this time it won't be a hoax and my brittle heart won't be shattered into a million tiny pieces again.

rezzah2347d ago

Doubt it, The timing of this seems to fit in well with the rumors of a Sony Smash Bros.

Also as much as I would like BR5, it is quite random to bring it up now.

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