7 Reasons You Don't Want To Work in the Video Game Industry

So you want to make video games. Who wouldn’t? It must be amazing creating new e-narratives and cyber stories. Working with a team of talented artists and programmers and probably Jennifer Hale, giving fans hours of joy, what could be better?

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Hufandpuf2410d ago

Bottom line: You don't want to be a developer during crunch time. I hear those can get pretty harsh.

Another thing. Fan feedback is one of the worst reasons to work in the games industry. Everyone will hate your game for one reason or the other; there's no escaping it. You'll rarely hear good things because people that don't like something are more vocal. Sure it's nice to get positive comments once in a while. But there will always be that group of people that scream obscenities at your game and whatever you do won't be able to change that.

There's just too much stress that goes into making a game. Long nights and long days working, and if your game sucks or does bad on metacritic, you salary can go down immensely seemingly making your work a waste.

If you have family, weigh your options. Or just become an indie dev that doesn't have to take crap from anybody.

LastDance2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

If your ever involved in anything worth taking note of, there will always be haters somewhere.

If any of you are seriously trying to work in the games industry, please dont take this article seriously.