PC gamers, meet Dear Esther; A mesmerizing adventure game that is powered by the Portal 2 Engine

DSOGaming writes: "Built in the Source engine and originally released in 2008 as a mod for Half Life 2, Dear Esther quickly established itself as an award-winning, critically acclaimed experimental first-person game. It abandons all traditional game play, leaving only a rich world soaked in atmosphere, and an abstract, poetic story to explore. In 2009, it was picked up by a professional game artist, Robert Briscoe, for a complete overhaul of the visuals and level design."

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lugia 40002438d ago

Thanks for bringing up a 1 year old video which im pretty sure it was already submitted.

john22438d ago

Last time I checked, the post wasn't titled as "Here is new video footage from Dear Esther". But then again, you couldn't read it to see that it states that it's an old footage, could you?

ninjahunter2437d ago

Why dont they just say source engine? Probably a marketing trick. "Hey look, A brand new game from the makers of quake and doom!"

Bimkoblerutso2437d ago

Because the game is using the same build of Source that Portal 2 used. I don't think it's all that nefarious.