BF3: Post-Launch Developer Q&A

DICE speaks out about Battlefield 3 future patches, IRNV scope nerf, and more.

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Hufandpuf2381d ago

This is going to be one revolutionary patch.

krazykombatant2381d ago

Good to hear that, now give us MOAR MAPS!

SITH2381d ago

How the heck is a 1x infared night Vision scope too powerful!? It simply does what it is supposed to do. You still need to aim the damn gun. This is the kind of crap changes that makes me leave a fps. First it was rainbow 6 Vegas nerfing of the MTAR rifle, then halo reach removing armor lock from big team battle objective. And now it is BF3's oh so powerful little 1x scope that can't see far for crap in daylight. These complainers that get on these forums spend more time their than in game. Some of them have hardly any game time in bf3 yet have the most complaints.

-Alpha2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

It's a huge crutch for all players and there is simply no reason not to use it on any of your weapons. You can see anybody and don't even have to bother spotting them, which discourages that sense of teamwork. Right now, it's a gamebreaker for me.

I feel guilty for using it-- it guarantees easy kills and destroys any chance of playing with any sense of flanking or making your way around the map undetected. It's way too effective and destroys any need to have map awareness.

IMO it shouldn't be in the game at all. And how fair is it that you can stand afar, spot these enemies with that scope, while snipers have to deal with glint?

mrsatan2381d ago

I agree completely. I have it unlocked for my A91 and I feel like it's cheating. It's sooooo easy to spot people and completely negates the effects of camo. If you see someone getting a massive K/D ratio, chances are they are using one of these scopes. Whenever I start to do poor with the other kits I switch back to the cheapo gun to get some positive momentum going.

TheColbertinator2381d ago

They should nerf flashlights not IRNV.So lame.

MrMister2381d ago

I want them to "Nerf" INRV too--but the best way to do it is to not allow players to attach a silencer while using it. Problem solved. Why? Because every time they using it their position is given away on the map since they cant shoot without alerting enemy. Which in essence causes THEM to be as vulnerable as the people that they keep finding with their inrv. Finally, an additional nerfing option should be the inability to use it in an area where there is too much light. Light should blind them as harshly as tactical lights do--thus they'll only use it in shadows (under trees), or indoor places. BOTH options would nerf it enough to balance it out, yet not render it totally useless (if in a dark place and using teamwork so allies can cover you (since you lose the stealth you had now that your not able to combine INRV with a silencer).

SITH2381d ago

We might as well throw nerf balls in bf3 since the babies always get their way. I have been playing to much apparently and not denying irnv's are a issue. What next, thermal on the vehicles not giving you a chance to kill me? Cry babies on forums always get their way. Play the least, whine the most.

Merrill2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

I haven`t read anyone else complaining about this, so I will ask you guys - Does anyone else hate it that when you arrive to a base/zone the letter stays right in the center of your screen, ie A,B, etc... basically right over your reticle??

I can't find a way to get rid of it and it really ruins my experience and makes it hard to see players.

Are they going to change this?

Pudge882381d ago

Hey Merrill, I too am having a difficult time trying to ADS with the flag letter right above. It is so annoying, They should have it next to the map.

Merrill2381d ago

Finally, someone else who acknowledges this too. I don't get how more people don't complain about it.

KwietStorm2381d ago

That's bull. I'm fine with the IRNV scope, I love it actually. The fact that it's only 1x zoom, yet they are going to Nerf it, leads me to believe it's not gonna be worth using at all now. Battlefield is the only FPS I have trouble seeing enemies before they see me because of my vision, and the scope helped me with that. But I only really use it on 2 guns anyway, the A91 and one of the assault guns. The scope does what it's supposed to do, and I think it's a great option to have in certain situations. What can they do to Nerf it?

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