The Cursed Crusade vs. Modern Warfare 3: A Parable In Pacing - “The Tortoise and the Hare”


"Aesop’s famous fable about the tortoise and the hare is all about how the slow plodding tortoise eventually beats the arrogant speedy hare.

That’s the old version.

My version is that the hare beats the tortoise every time. It’s simple: in gaming you want to look good, sound good, and make sure the player is going to have fun.

Slow plodding frustrating and repetitive gameplay isn’t fun.

What Modern Warfare 3 does that gets it all that high praise is that it immerses the gamer in a fast-paced blockbuster experience where the gamer doesn’t have time to notice any defects that may exist in the game."

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gaminoz2468d ago

This is true in my experience. MW3 is more of a film...there's so much hand-holding: stand here on the plane, hurry up and go there, shoot that guy, get down in the grass.

No choice. But it has great pacing.

A lot of games get that wrong and you end up noticing all the defects.

BadCircuit2468d ago

"The Spaniard also seems to have some strange fixation with cows…perhaps the French see the Spanish as having unhealthy relationships with their livestock, much like we Australians keep poking fun of New Zealanders and their sheep?"

Lol. Any French or Spanish people out there to confirm the Spanish obsession with cows?

Yeah it's funny how reviewers give MW3 high scores when the single player is such a linear, 'watch' almost on rails experience.

Hack 'n Slash games are always going to be repetitive so they need to get pacing right. SOunds like Cursed Crusade got it wrong.

taijutsu3632468d ago

Yeah Cursed Crusade did anyone else play the demo? Man oh man oh man! I was seriously waitin for this game with great anticipation but it was just terrible controls the camera work? Just disgusting especially if you were co-oping!

gaminoz2468d ago

It's odd they chose that level for the demo too...not exactly the best I'm betting.