BF3 – DICE Explains Toned-Down Destruction, Fixes for Javelin, SOFLAM, and PS3 Aiming Bug On The Way

MP1st - "In our continuing coverage of Senior Alan Kert’s dialog with Battlefield fans, he reveals DICE’s thoughts behind the implementation of destruction in Battlefield 3."

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cyborg69712351d ago

Just fix the mics and input lag and the splitting of squads and the game is even more awesome than it already is.

Panthers2351d ago

Those are my only issues. Just got the game but its so damn addicting. Really hope they fix these issues soon.

I was torn over this or MW3 (as I only have time for 1) And I definitely made the right choice.

irepbtown2350d ago

Only problem I've had is the squad splitting thats it. Aiming is perfect for me.

Was slightly disappointed with the level of destruction and I do very well understand why. I think a better option would be:

Big maps (Caspian borders, Kharg Islands, Noshar Canals etc) there's FULL destruction. (please excuse my spelling of maps, never can remember how to spell them).

For smaller maps and more 'leg work' involved like Operation metro and Seine crossing, the destruction should stay the same.

Persistantthug2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

I'm almost ready to trade my game in because as a team game, it's half-way game breaking.

3 weeks and counting.

SJPFTW2351d ago

i think they already fixed splitting squads. the server update like two weeks ago fixed it i think. I dont get split from my squad anymore. Input lag and mics i agree need to be addressed

Crystallis2350d ago

I dont think they fixed the splitting squads. I played last night with friends and we got split up many times.

HenryFord2350d ago

I doubt that it has been fixed already - happened to me and my friends two days ago...

Kleptic2350d ago

its like 'half' fixed. It was a nightmare at launch, works about 60% of the time for me now.

a squad of just 2 people works most of the time for me, but 3 or more and you're lucky to be on the same team. let alone the same squad.

damnyouretall2350d ago

my squad has still been spliting. not fixed yet

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ll_UNDERSCORE_ll2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

Nerf the mortars (No hud, or reload takes longer than 1min). Or get rid of it. Playing on hardcore/Conquest/PC/64ppl with 3-4 newb mortar enemy players is frustrating even by my standards (BF vet).
And if your 1 of those players that sit in your base mortaring all round F(#$ You.

-Alpha2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

I just mortar back and destroy them in one shot or use the MAV to run them over if they aren't hiding in their base (where you can't go)

I won't mind it if they allow MAV's to go into the enemy zone, at least then there would be a legitimate counter

Mister_V2351d ago

There was also talk on giving the MAV the ability to disable mortars/kill the enemy. That'd be nice.

Kleptic2350d ago

MAVs can kill enemies. Seriously, just slam it into their face. dead...

they've been getting feedback on letting the jammer destroy equipment though, including mortars as well as placed mines. Not sure if they'll do it, but it would be a great way to get rid of hidden mortar players.

PhantomT14122351d ago

They just should make mortars not possible from your base. That's just game killing.

damnyouretall2350d ago

me and my buddies use mortors. i hide and sneak around spotting and they bomb the hell out of them. good times :)

Holeran2351d ago

"Also mentioned was the status of the input lag/response time bug that PS3 users are currently experiencing when it comes to aiming. Kertz answered that “we’re aware of it, and smarter people than me are looking at it. I don’t have more info than that.”

This should of been fixed already. We heard these exact words over 2 weeks ago and nothing has changed since then? No fix?

Other than that nerf mortar re-arming so it can only have 5 shots per death or something along those lines.

Hufandpuf2351d ago

I'm pretty sure they will be rolled out in an all-in-one patch. No sense in releasing it in short bursts on console because each update requires an approval time of weeks. PC is different though.

Criminal2351d ago

They should've been patching the PC version all along leading to the consoles' patch. This way they would've tested every change and they would've been able to change them on the fly for PC.

DasBunker2351d ago

at least theyre "aware".. for a minute i thought they were gonna toss that issue under the rug.. almost a month and no patch.. i'd lol if BTK comes out before the patch.. at least they should give small updates.. feels like theyre trying to fix everything in one fawkin patch

Holeran2351d ago

Yep I thought also they were going to let this one slide but when people have tested it all over the world and the input lag on the PS3 version is 240 milliseconds compared to 60 milliseconds on Bad Company 2 there is some explaining and fixing to do.

HenryFord2350d ago

The problem here is that the patches have to go through the tiresome approval process of Sony/Microsoft, so they want to fix everything with one patch. Which makes sense to me...

mrsatan2351d ago

Any fixes on consoles take forever to roll out because of the testing and certification. Unless Sony approves the patch, they won't be able to issue it. Because of this reasoning they usually release bigger patches for consoles because they can't patch nearly as quick as a pc.

pumpactionpimp2351d ago

To bad the patches on pc didn't adress anything important.

bozebo2350d ago

"To bad the patches on pc didn't adress anything important."

Unfortunately, they have to prioritise the crashes and connection problems that a minority of people were getting over the more gameplay and UI related issues (which affect everyone!).

Though, the patches they have released have only fixed a minority of crash/connection problems :(

I have gotten annoyed with BF3 and will get back into it later once they fix the BS.

Gamer-Z2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

I was pretty disappointed with the scale of destruction in this game.

FAGOL2351d ago

Me too. In BC2 at the end of a match most or all buildings would be in pieces.

The destruction is still there but it's not implemented well in these new maps.

Anyway doesn't bother me much.

irepbtown2350d ago

I remember jumping in a tank and just blowing the building with the crates to pieces, ahh Good times...

sovietsoldier2351d ago

no ground deformation was saddening.

dantesparda2351d ago

why, was there ground deformation on bc2?

jib2351d ago

yep there was. i loved making craters and hiding mines on 'em

the destruction in bf3 is sad compared to bc2. its weird how they have indestructible walls next to destructible ones

dantesparda2351d ago

That is weird, especially since one of the big touted features of BF3 was the destructability

Big_Dom2350d ago

4 agrees with this? Are people playing the game totally blind? There is ground deformation in BF3, it's just not as noticeable as what it was in BC2. I've created a few holes for me to take cover in, but it seems that you can only do it on soft ground or on the larger maps.

Kleptic2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

^^haha yeah...

3 AT mines and then look at the ground after a tank rolls over it. You can literally hide in there.

I don't know, I actually love the destruction in BF3 a lot more than BC2..granted i only ever played that harbor level from the demo of BC2, but played the hell out of it. BC2's destruction was cool, but it was just a limit put on the building, and no matter where it got hit after a certain point it just disappears. Bf3's can be a little goofy too, but when it happens it looks so much better.

BF3 does have some issues in that some 'weaker' buildings won't come all the way down, but you can render them useless for as cover for enemies. And the camera shake that comes just before a building is about to collapse is awesome.

last night had an angry tank driver after me, took out the gas station building by russian deployment at tehran highway, I sprinted out as it collapsed and watched all the rubble fly past me...sprint to the gas pumps, and he opened that thing up too...completely awesome imo.

bozebo2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

"I actually love the destruction in BF3 a lot more than BC2"

Same. It is better for the gunplay and map balance, especially when there are 64 players - it would be silly to let the maps be flattenned.

Pandamobile2350d ago

BFBC2 had like 15 or so pre-fab buildings that populated every map. BF3's buildings are a lot more diverse, so it'd be hard to model all the damage for so many buildings.

But play Siene Crossing and tell me you're disappointed with the destruction. At the end of a map it really does look like a war had just happened there.

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Pwnage182022351d ago

the mics and squad splitting are my main concerns with the game but besides that its pretty damn awesome!!

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