Parents Name Child Dovahkiin on 11.11.11

Loud Mouthed Gamers: Well Bethesda threw down the challenge months ago: name your child which is born on 11/11/11, the Skyrim release date, Dovahkiin and receive free Bethesda games for life. It's happened.

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omi25p2135d ago

That child shall forever hate his parents.

Forbidden_Darkness2135d ago

Why would he hate his parents? It's better then naming him a common name like Michael or whatever. I'd love to be named a cool name like that. Wouldn't matter to me if people made fun of my name.

Bigpappy2135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

Dovahkiin, is a unique and very cool name. Both of my kids have unique names. I think Dovahkiin will work well with the ladies, its a strong name.

cpayne932135d ago

Because the only reason he recieved that name was so the parents could get free stuff. They care more about free games than the actual name of their kid.

bunfighterii2135d ago

'Whos my namesake mum?'
'A video game character.'

This is fail parenting. What losers.

ronin4life2135d ago

Ehh, it did work out well for Zelda and Robin...
But even so, I aways cry a little inside when I here news like this.
Anyone remember the parents who named thier kid "Like"...after the facebook button?

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dark-hollow2135d ago

Easy, just claims that he is russian.

grailly2135d ago

unless he plays skyrim :P

Pozzle2135d ago

"Ehh, it did work out well for Zelda and Robin..."

To be fair, Zelda is a real name:

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Pikajew2135d ago

What bad parents. When you name a kid it should be after a family member not a game character so you can get free stuff

Scizz2135d ago

Ugh, I think everyone is just gonna call him Tom, so it's no big deal.

-Alpha2135d ago

Better than naming him after a Twilight character

coolbeans2135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

Or someone on Jersey Shore

Kran2135d ago

Or Justin Bieber.... ¬¬

iXenon2135d ago

I think Dovahkiin is a badass name...

ronin4life2135d ago

Maybe, but for a real life person in most places, not really.

BuT_TeR2135d ago

The kid will appreciate it when he gets Elder Scrolls 8 for free on his PS5.

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The story is too old to be commented.