PETA’s Anti Super Mario 3D Land Campaign Was A Joke

Well it turns out PETA's anti Super Mario 3D Land campaign was nothing but a joke according to their statement.

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NukaCola2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

Whatever it was...I lol'd at the picture.

EDIT: I played the flash game. It's was just a run rumper game. Played tons of those. I get their adjenda. It was whatever. I got Mario tho. Bastard is hella fast.

WombBat2381d ago

I bet you anything they were serious about the campaign until everyone started roasting their areses

Pikajew2382d ago

It was a funny joke. Seeing every get mad for a reason that doesnt effect them. Mario is one of my favorite series, but the PETA thing didnt make me mad like some people.

NukaCola2381d ago

PETA never makes me mad. I don't support them. But I think a lot of what they do is funny. Amd they also have hot girls paint themselves like animals and get in cages on the street.

Godmars2902382d ago

Which they didn't mean as one. By past example they've proven themselves to take themselves too seriously. This is just one of the rare occasions where they actually realized how idiotic they were being.

cpayne932382d ago

I think this may be damage control. They realized they were going overboard and now they are trying to take it back. Otherwise it is a pretty dumb joke, only makes themselves look bad.

CharmzBlu32381d ago

Agreed. They pretty much realized how dumb that campaign was and is now trying to save face, the announcement that it was a joke is also bad..All the money being donated to them and they're spending their time on jokes.

Pozzle2381d ago

This was my first thought too. Even if it WAS intended as a joke (which I don't think it originally was), it's sad that they are wasting time and money with crappy "jokes" like this, when there are people donating money to them to help REAL animals.

Dac2u2381d ago

I think I'll see if I can buy some Tanuki furs on eBay, then make my own Tanooki suit just to spite PETA. Then, I'll take pictures of myself all dressed up and send them to PETA.

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