TheStreet.Com: Super Mario Galaxy Is Huge Borderline Failure

"I do not consider it a success so far."

How is 500k a huge failure?

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felman873830d ago

Not supposed to offer your own opinion.

TheSadTruth3830d ago

How isn't 500k a failure? Want to know what the problem is here?

The majority of the Wii hardware that is sold is pushed to "casual gamers" like peoples' grandmas and people who play occasionally. The hardcore crowd has yet to really pick up and purchase the wii as of now. This results in very low software sales as "casual gamers" are more likely to pick up multiplayer games, which will be once every six months. This is common sense, you cannot argue with this.

500k is pretty bad for a franchise that is as highly regarded as Super Mario. If Halo 3 sold the same amount it would be considered a borderline failure as well.. use your brains people.

BrotherNick3830d ago

I expected it not to sell as much also, even though I like the wii a lot. It is a different group of people.

ChickeyCantor3830d ago

the video speaks for it self, i dont think he needed more then 2 lines, although maybe his opinion is out of place.

Winter47th3830d ago

If his own opinion is allowed in a news site than what stops the hundreds of other trolls and fanboys to post their own opinions too ?

CyberSentinel3830d ago

The Truth is "the casual" gamer, is NOT a "gamer" at all. The casual gamer, just passes time with games, thats why they like games like pacman, and wii sports. "Simple" games that aren't complicated, with "simple" controls, for "simple" people.

Casual gamers are retroactive gamers, they live in the past, and like "classic gaming". "casual gamers" DO NOT buy games.

ShadoWulf3830d ago

Wow, now simple controls is a negative? Silly fanboys.

Kwertie3830d ago

I've been gaming for 17 years and I love some of the retro games, in fact quite a few of them are better than the crap we get now. I don't see how retro games would really appeal to casuals since casuals are really the type of people who only care about graphics and would generally label the retro games as old and crappy looking.

Fact is SNES and MegaDrive were some of the best consoles of their time and puts today's shovelware, sequels and ports to shame. Even the N64 was hella awesome.

Zhuk3830d ago

Nintendo should consider porting this to the Xbox 360, considering its superior attach rate it would help Mario Galaxy with its sales

ChickeyCantor3830d ago

And help MS? thats suicide.

pwnsause3830d ago

your a controversial person arent you zhuk?

Douchebaggery3830d ago

They should start from the ground up and use the Unreal 3 engine


but the day Mario comes to the 360 is the day i will retire it !

if i see that fat £$%T anywhere near the 360 thats it, back to the shops, trade in all my hardcore online shooters and find another past time.

YoungKingDoran3830d ago

...and dark witness is the biggest douche on n4g

commadore653829d ago

I'm pretty sure he just gets a laugh from the reactions he gets.

I have to say zhuk, you cirtainly have perfected the art out of creating concise overtly biased falmebait comments.

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