Worst and Best Collector's Editions

Some people are so utterly consumed with the thought of playing an upcoming game that investing their money in a "plain Jane" copy just won't do. These super-fans need to show their devotion by buying the biggest, bestest, most expensivest version of the game available. If that version comes packed with special soundtracks, art books, figurines, or other tchotkes, all the better. Read on to find out more about five collector's editions that disappointed, and five that have become the stuff of legend.

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evercast2432d ago

Bioshock 2 CE is on this list?? I thought Bioshock had the best CE ever.. And God of War III CE should be on the worst list. I hate that stupid plastic box it came with.

gamingdroid2432d ago

I agree. Bioshock 2 CE?

Among the best CE was Alan Wake. It had this in-game pop-up commentary so as you played the game, the developer would pop up a video and talk about that particular scene. How awesome is that?!

evercast2432d ago

Ah i totally forgot about that CE and i have it... Great game great CE

Relientk772432d ago

Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete and Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete I would say are the best. They are well worth the value.

ziggurcat2432d ago

this is why i don't waste my money on CEs...

admiralvic2432d ago

Bioshock 2 CE is by a wide margin the worst CE ever. Not only did it have only somewhat cool items, the thing was vastly over produced. I still see Bestbuys selling them for 35 usd, gamestop was selling them for a while too. The same goes for Fallout 3. Before you even consider the content, you have to consider the value (not talking resale).