Preview: Trine 2 (This Is My Joystick)

Frozenbyte have a couple of decent games to their name and if anyone bought the Frozenbyte bundle pack, they would have seen that their strongest release thus far is the wonderful action puzzler, Trine.

Well, such a beautiful game with seamless handling wouldn’t go a miss for sequel surely? Caught between the white-noise of big game announcements, Frozenbyte announced Trine 2 and here at This Is My Joysick, we were lucky enough to get on the beta to try the game’s character introduction and the first few levels.

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NukaCola2312d ago

I loved TRINE on PS3. It's the best looking 2.5D game out there. It was solid, but fell off at the end. TRINE 2 looks 10x better, the forground and background are so much more interactive. The puzzles look better, the physicals are mind blowing. It's just flat out drop dead gorgeous.