True Tales of Skyrim Adventure: Worst Housecarl Ever

Kotaku - "Lydia move," Gavin Glass-beard roared, trying to fit through the door Lydia was standing in.

"But look at this ruin we are in! I wonder what's further down?" She exclaimed, excited about something. "This is as far as we can go, see that rock? It is blocking our way forward."

Lydia frowned but she didn't move, she just surveyed the room with her eyes. "Lydia, I swear to Talos if you do not move, I will make you carry all the dragon bone and scales again." Fear sprouted in her eyes and she moved aside quickly. To quickly in fact that she tripped over a switch. The switch opened the hole in the floor right under Gavin, he fell like a rock.

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JS1HUNDRED2435d ago

That was hilarious, and 100% accurate. Anyone who has used a companion(especially Lydia) will understand Gavins frustration!