A 7.5 For Zelda? It’s Still A Great Score, And We’re Too Nice

SG - 7.5; seven and a half out of ten; seventy five percent. In the United Kingdom, it equates to achieving an A grade in any standardised school test, which would suggest that the work was made up of content that was at least three quarters excellence. Which seems pretty fair. With that in mind, why is the internet up in arms over a review of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword by GameSpot, which has awarded the game an overall score of, you guessed it, 7.5?

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NukaCola2406d ago

75% is an A grade in UK? Really? I didn't know that. I was in the worst school district in....Delaware, and a 92 was an A- which is the minimum A grade.

The reasons Gamespot game the game a 7.5 were dumb. Couldn't figure out the controls? There is always one. Like AV Club's C which eaquals a 50% for some idiotic reason, some times you get scores like this. Opinions and reviews are not balanced anymore. There is no merit, it's just like reading meta user reviews nowadays. Can't understand why they don't form a centralised rating system for each game console. Why is it that a shooter fan rates a racing game lower because it's to casual, or an RPG fan rate a puzzle game badly for having a cheezy story? Media, needs to change....change back to how it was 10 years ago.

360ICE2406d ago

I don't think media needs to change. Reviews that are written by people who don't like the game can offer a fresh perspective on the game and be a frustrating, but ultimately interesting read, but people who review the games based on personal preferences or people who spend too little time with the game needs to go. There's no point in putting a racing sim hater on Forza 4 and ask him to review it.

KingSlayer2406d ago

Forza 4's a racing sim?!?!

360ICE2406d ago

I knew someone would say that. Don't know why I still went with that example.

Smacktard2405d ago

Games should be reviewed in the context with their genre, their system, and the year they were made. Too many people are ignoring the "genre" and "system" bit.

iamnsuperman2406d ago

"75% is an A grade in UK? Really? I didn't know that. I was in the worst school district in....Delaware, and a 92 was an A- which is the minimum A grade."

Depends what you are talking about. A-level 80% is an A. University (depending on you course)a first could be around 75% (top grade)

OT: "Opinions and reviews are not balanced anymore. There is no merit, it's just like reading meta user reviews nowadays. Can't understand why they don't form a centralised rating system for each game console"

I agree. There is no norm. My personal opinion of the reviewing system is it is fundamentally flawed (not just talking about the scale). The fact reviews use personal preference that influences a score is mind boggling dumb. The fact a reviewer can ignore parts of a game that are less good but one part is amazing and it can get near perfect scores is beyond me. To be honest I look less at the score now because it is fundamentally flawed. The reviews are (sometimes) well written and gives me some idea of what a game is like. The problem is some people and the gaming journalist community rely so heavily on scores. My advice get rid of the scoring system entirely. If a gamer wants advice on a game they should read the reviews and see if it is for them

BitbyDeath2405d ago

I always thought C was considered a pass everywhere meaning 50%. Which should make the 75% mark around a B.

gatormatt802405d ago

This was my grading scale for college... 100-90 is an A. 89-80 is a B. 79-70 is a C. 69-60 is a D. 60 and lower is a F.

news4geeks2406d ago

we have higher standards for exams in the UK... most americans probably couldn't even name the countries that make up the UK. I can even convince americans on xbox live that Scotland didn't have electricity until the 80s and we are just now getting the first season of friends televised...

-Alpha2406d ago

Trick question, UK is a country. Derp derp

Nitrowolf22406d ago

There are Countries in the UK. Wales, Scotland, England and Northern Ireland If I remember correctly

Venjense2406d ago

United Kingdom Alpha.....that includes countries like Scotland and Ireland....question is are does it include countries in the common wealth.

Anyways, @ news4geeks: just because people don't know shit about Scotland or whatever minor country's possible lack of development doesn't necessarily make Americans stupid.

I'm sure people could convince you to believe a lot of things about cultures and places that you're not exposed too.

A chinese guy could easily convince you that some town in China only got electricity in 2000, etc.

Or an American could convince you about some false history of Oregan.

-Alpha2406d ago

Maybe I should have put /s instead of derp derp?

Brasi822405d ago

You make it sound like the UK schools teach everything. Most UK people probably cannot name all 50 states that make up the United States. Also, 75% isn't a very high standard, to some schools here in the USA, 75% is barely passing. Your logic is flawed as are your teeth.

Motorola2405d ago

I'm an American and all, but a lot of students in our country cant even name 50 states.

iamgoatman2405d ago


Theres a differences between knowing countries and knowing different states. It would be the equivalent of asking an American to name every county in the UK.

And teeth jokes, really? Are you just asking for a ton of fat jokes?

Heartnet2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )


Asking an UK Citizen if they can name 50 states of america is completely different to asking an American the countires that make up Uk..

Difference being that the UK has like 4 - 5 (depending if u view north and south ireland different)...

A similar apporoach would be to ask an American to name all the countires in the EU

Brasi822405d ago

I don't believe it is different, 50 states make up the United States just as 4 countries make up the United Kingdom. How many people, outside Canada, can name the 13 provinces and territories? Also, yes maybe the teeth joke came off as a rude but to my defense the poster just stereotyped an entire country off of the X-Box Live community. Not to mention the posters statement of "we have higher standards for exams in the UK." Which is completely false if the post is correct about 75% being an A.

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dark-hollow2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

People are reading too much into the scores numbers without actually reading the reviews themselves.

christheredhead2406d ago

This statement pretty much sums up the entire issue and problem with review scores.

Hicken2405d ago

The problem is that the number should accurately reflect the opinion of the review. Many of them do not.

And then there are the poorly written reviews, or those that nitpick, and are coupled with unnecessarily low scores.

Then there are the reviews that are simply gushing with love for a title, showing various levels of bias, that are coupled with scores that are too high.

Shnazzyone2405d ago

The Immediate issue I have with this article is that the writer is defending an article he didn't write about a game he didn't play. He is in no place to pass judgment one way or another. Eurogamer and gamespots scores are the lowest on metacritic compared to a substantial 20+ saying otherwise. In my honest opinion either they be trolling or the publications at the bottom of metacritic actually gave the game to people who typically don't play Wii games. In which case they should be discounted because they aren't the audience.

TheOtherTheoG2405d ago

90% is an A*, 80% is an A, 70% is a B, 60% is a C, and so on, that's how it works in the UK generally, so yeah, they got that wrong.

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Pikajew2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

7 is above average, 6 being average. While 7.5 is slightly above average. And an 8 is great, 9 being awesome while a 10 is perfect.

And Zelda is not an above average game its a awesome game.

danielle0072406d ago

That would be true, but the scores from today's gaming journalists only go from 5 to 10. 7.5 is the average.

5(and below) means an atrocious game. They're all the same score.
6 is bad, but functional.
7-8 is OK. Passable.
9-10 means the game was good to great OR the site is displaying ads from that game right now so real opinions can not be voiced.

That is the true grading rubric for this gen. It's a sad state of affairs.

BDSE2405d ago

EDGE use the entire scale and get flamed for doing so by people who don't understand that for EDGE 5=average, 6=above average, 7=good 8=Excellent 9=near perfect 10=Jesus.

Anyways, people get so hung up on scores, reading the review will tell you so much more than a score can.

ssb31732402d ago

I absolutely agree, this game is worh atleast a 9 and it sems as if the scoring system is really messed.

zerocrossing2406d ago

This Is Outrage!!!...

7.5? c'mon at the very least it's a 8.5, TP was worse imo and If I remember right it got a higher score, so is TP supposed to be better than SS?

tiffac0082405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

At least it wasn't Tom Chicks who reviewed it. lol! XD

Then again he may still review the game... ^^;;

...and may find it fun... >.>


zerocrossing2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

Haha yeah! XD If he finds it fun he mite give it a 5.0 lol!.

It's just a little annoying really, what they seem to be getting at is, the game is worthy of a higher score but due to the new scoring system which makes all the 10's they gave out more like 8.0/8.5 it gets downgraded by default, ugh reviews...

ssb31732402d ago

Agreed, TP wasnt the best of games and it gets a higher score when clearly this is so much better

smashcrashbash2406d ago

Gamespot is usually very strict. They must be tired of the same Zelda formula over and over again like some people are. I mean when does Zelda have time to run the kingdom with being kidnapped all the time? Or Princess Peach for that matter

zerocrossing2406d ago

But this the most different console Zelda game there has been for years, what do they want? to change it so much it's not Zelda anymore?

-Alpha2406d ago

Gamespot is not strict. This reviewer just had a different, stricter opinion.

dark-hollow2406d ago

Weird. Because am sure they gave mw3 a higher score.....

zerocrossing2405d ago

Of course they did it's mw the games always get big hype, high scores and then later get torn apart for essentialy being the same game every year, it's a joke!

Apocwhen2406d ago

Can't agree or disagree with it really. Not played the game yet but it's certainly not going to sway me from not buying it.

Zelda is my favourite franchise and based on the other perfect and near perfect reviews, I'm sure I won't be disappointed.

I didn't read the review as I heard it contained spoilers.

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