Buy a Great Batman Game, Stream a Crappy Batman Movie For Free

Kotaku - So, Batman: Arkham City is a leading contender for Game of the Year and, as would follow, its reviews have been very positive. Anyone who hasn't bought it yet is probably just scrimping and saving, waiting for just the right sale to finally get them to commit to saving Gotham City.

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floetry1012462d ago

Batman Forever isn't as awful as Batman and Robin, but they had a bunch of better choices, that's for sure.

TheBlackMask2462d ago

Despite it being really camp....I actually can stand Batman and Robin.

I think if they got rid of Robin/Batgirl and was just Batman vs Ivy it would of been miles better. I really wanted to see Ivy in Nolans films and what he would of done with the character.....shame

floetry1012461d ago

They pretty much lost me at the banana slip sound effect. I think there is enjoyment to be had at a campy Batman movie, but Joel Schumacher's Batman never struck the right tone for me.

typikal822462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

I would have accepted an Animated Series movie instead....

Actually I remember getting Mr Freeze /Mask of the Phantasm with Arkham Asylum. That was a great deal

Noticeably_FAT2462d ago

It's not as bad as people make it out.

jc485732462d ago

well, the only good deal I had so far was White Knight Chronicles 2 for 39.99. Yea, I was able to squeeze out a little bit of cash.

SDF Repellent2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

Well at least it is not like buying the crappy Thor game from Sega and you get a copy of The Almighty Thor movie and seeing Kevin Nash act. I would pay to not have to play or watch those two medias.