IGN - Analysis: MW3 Review Bombers

IGN - On November 9, Sledgehammer Games' General Manager Glen Schofield jumped on Twitter and asked Call of Duty fans to help raise Modern Warfare 3's incredibly low user rating on Metacritic, saying, "It's suspiciously low. Be honest but help if u agree." He later deleted this tweet, but the point had been made.

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Kran2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

It just proves that developers tend to care a little too much about review scores.

I mean the thing is, I know people shouldnt just bomb a game for being what it is. But if people are going out of their way to do that, isn't it a sign that maybe Activision are targeting the wrong people? (Children instead of Adults to be honest, because lets face it: kids dont tend to care about recycled buildings and horrid graphics, while us adults... well it's hard to not notice)

Fishy Fingers2378d ago

I'd like to think any 'adult' would have reached a mature enough state that they wouldn't resort to trolling COD articles, screaming about their distaste for the product, or actively trying to reduce a metacritic user score.

I'd of thought an 'adult' would have the mental understanding to realise their level of fun isn't shaped by how many new building designs can be found in each title. Or how many pixels are on the screen.

Basically, as an adult, I'd like to think that like me, if they have no interest in or dislike something, they avoid it, not actively seek it out.

Kran2378d ago

Trust me. There are adults who haven't reached that level just yet. The only level they've reached is level 20...

brish2378d ago

There are many people that vote 0 on a game which is a score that few games deserve.

There are also many people that vote 10 on games that don't deserve it either.

How many games are rated highly that don't deserve it?!

I think Grand Theft Auto IV is a good game but it isn't close to being the best game on the ps3 but that is the position it's in now because of critics ratings. I think the user score of 7.5 is more accurate. Somehow I doubt IGN will publish an article about how they consistently overrate games (average 69).

BeAGamer2378d ago

Modern Warfare 3 is the most fun I've had in the Call of Duty series since COD4

one2thr2378d ago

I like turtles, because they're not slow, they're majestic......

BuffMordecai2378d ago

It's probably backlash for all the bs 10/10 reviews the gaming media gave the game. Gaming journalists were practically sucking COD's ding dong for a product that hasn't innovated itself in years. Sure its a fun game, but if it were any other game, its score would have been brought down for its problems. But not here.

GraveLord2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

The point is that he brought even more trolls to Metacritic. In no way is MW3 worth anywhere near that low a score.

MW3 is fun but I think Black Ops is better. I played over 400hours of Black Ops so I'm a little biased :D