Just Cause dev announces Project Mamba

Eurogamer: Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios has announced work is underway on Project Mamba, a AAA title due on PC and "console platforms" in 2014.

It's being developed at the Swedish outfits new office in New York City with senior staff from its Stockholm HQ also involved. No word yet on exactly what to expect, but that release date likely pegs it as a next-gen project.

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wenaldy2381d ago

Swedish dev recently produced some the best game in this gen (i.e Just Cause 2, BF series, Mirrors Edge)

Blacktric2381d ago

You forgot Frictional Games. Man, I love those guys...

ironfist922381d ago

I think Just Cause 2 is the only game this gen I would not want to sell second hand. All other games fizzle out once the story or main missions are done, so no reason in keeping them.

However JC2 is literally a giant playground. The story is balls, and the missions is basically encouraging you to blow shit up in a specific place, but the beauty of the game shines when you just want to fly around, parachuting, driving, and causing havoc everywhere you go.