Lair - Is Sony's fire breather really that bad?

Gameplayer has gone live with their review of Lair... "Oh whinge, whinge, bloody whinge. It seems a hefty bout of sniffling, jaded, knee-jerk-itis has exploded throughout the community this year as reviewers have gotten wind of titles failing to live up to their marketing schlock."

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Danja3888d ago

A pretty decent review ...atleast someone else agrees that the game isn't's quite long as you go in with an open mind..and I agree the game did feel a lil rushed...great game too bad not many ppl gave this game a chance..!!

TheHater3888d ago

I was one of those people that didn't play the game with an open mind. I went into the game expecting just another game, but i was really disappointed. I didn't play the game for like a month. So I decided to give the game another chance, and found it to be really fun.

MK_Red3888d ago

Agreed. A decent review even though I think 7 is a bit too high (But believe 4s of IGN and GameSpot were too low and unfair.)

Right now, Lair looks good with a decent story but the controls become really annoying speciall in those escort missions. It is fun and beautiful but could have been great, really fun and beautiful. Let's cross our fingers for Lair 2 with all of the current problems being fixed in it.

TheMART3888d ago

And that's why we have websites like Metacritic etc.

a 5.4 out of 10. That's not the low 4's and not the high reviews either. It's averaged.

The_Engineer3887d ago

about "metacritic" another MS owned site.

dantesparda3887d ago

I played this game today for the first time, and i gotta say, not nearly as bad as its made out to be. The controls are not that bad. However, i will say, the sixaxis motion sensing in general is bad. I first realized that in Heavenly Sword (another pretty good game), trying to aim those arrows or the cannon balls is a pain, same thing with Toy Home. However Lair's sixaxis use is much better than in those two and far more responsive (although it can be tough). But the game is not nearly as bad as it was made out to be.

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gamesblow3888d ago

I love this game! The graphics are damn near the best I've ever seen... More so given the scope of the game. It is huge! The levels are massive and the draw distance is incredible. The texture work is second to none... The gameplay, for me, was spot on. I'd not have it any other way and I'm so glad I didn't listen to all these idiot naysayers... I bought the game and loved it and still love it. I just went back thru it 2 weeks ago and go more gold medals. It's a brilliant, misunderstood, master piece.

All I can say. If you go into Lair with expectations of wanting something different, you'll be super impressed. If you go into it wanting the best next gen game of all time... you'll be upset. It's a different game and it has a different approach. I think Lair will be a game that so many people passed up but a few, lucky enough and smart enough to buy it and enjoy it, will know what it was all about.

Lair is a solid game. 8.5 game, easily!

C_SoL3888d ago

all the haters (mostly people the that haven't even tried out the game) just put it down cause of the controls and length...they made fun of it like the fat kid that broke the seat on the swing..but who i'm i, nobodies gonna listen to me..

Method3888d ago

It's hilarious how playslaves are willing to take any garbage game thrown at them no matter how terrible it is and pay money to play it.

gamesblow3888d ago

See, that's where you're wrong... I genuinly love this game. You obviously haven't played it. Everything I said, from graphics to gameplay is spot on. 1080P and Lair on a Bravia or Ambilight tv shows you how impressive the ps3 is over the competition. Simple as that.

iceice1233888d ago

Because it is different. Sad really, even garbage like lair is entertaining to them, a sign of desperation for a good game.

TheHater3888d ago

If we play garbage such as LAIR, Why should it concern you? Don't you have better games to play on the Xbox 360? If you do, why are you here bashing garbage? Why waste your time bash games a such as LAIR?

This just show the level of maturity of stupid fanboys that have no Knowledge of a game or anything of that matter.

Bathyj3888d ago

I'd bet a thousand bucks right now neither of you two have even played this game and if you did it was for about 2 minutes at Games R Us.

Hater, they honestly have nothing better to do. All their games have been and gone already and all thats left that gives them pleasure is rubbishing PS3. Remember when they used to say wait til Bioshock, Halo and Mass Effect come out. Then it was wait for Halo and Mass Effect. Then just ME. There big guns for the all console lifecycle have fired and sure they sold, cos they buy everything but the excitement died on each one after a week. People were all about Halo 2 for ages after it came out. M$'s "Perfect storm" has been and gone and no one even talks about them any more. All they talk about is PS3. They're really sad.

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The Karate Kid3888d ago

@Method I know I totally agree with you. Especially $349.99 or $449.99. I agree with you people actually pay money for garbage to play it, when its going to burn out or some call it RROD. Totally its so hilarious.

Bubbles for you

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