IGN - Uncharted 3's Killzone Costume in Action

IGN - Get a look at the Killzone 3 DLC in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.

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NukaCola2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

Costumes look really cool. Whoever is playing is terrible and this is a really poor video. IGN needs video editors who have at least a small bit of talent.

Cosmit2381d ago

It wasn't that terrible.

BattleAxe2381d ago

If Naughty Dog were to take charge of the Killzone series, it would be epic, but currently Killzone is a lump of coal that hasn't turned into a diamond yet.

IcyEyes2381d ago

"Killzone is a lump of coal that hasn't turned into a diamond yet"

Killzone series is one of the best FPS in the market. It's not your taste ? You are lucky. There are a lot of other games to play.

colonel1792381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

Killzone 2 was EPIC in every way, maybe would have been a little bit better if they had gotten rid of Rico. Killzone 3 on the other hand, although great, it was a huge waste of potential. The ending in Killzone 2 was the perfect layout for an all-out war, it was a great opportunity to play a desperate ISA trying to escape (or a revengeful Helghan trying to assassinate what remained of the ISA). What we got instead? Another chapter of Rico annoyance and a very poor ending.

Gameplay-wise, K2 was better too. Everybody complained about the controls and GG decided to changed them, and by doing that they turned the game into a COD-wannabe-but-didn't-eve n-need to-but-wanted-to-appeal-to-cas ual-players game, and didn't even give fans the option to play it the same way as K2.

I am just faithful that GG will learn from their mistakes and that they will make another EPIC game with Killzone 4, hopefully on the PS4.

Craftiii42381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )


Totaly agree, Killzone 2 is still my favorite game ever. If there is a killzone 4, then i hope Guerilla has learnt from there mistakes with 3 and makes it similar to killzone 2.

GTRrocker2379d ago

I like the Killzone games, I just think 2 was better than 3. I didn't like the new controls in 3, but I did like how you got to see the political struggle within the helghast.

Also Killzone 3 has the best villian facial hair ever.

ironfist922381d ago

Is it me, or does the Uncharted Helghast look better than the Killzone Helghast, graphically speaking.