Battlefield 2143 a Possibility for Battlefield 3 DLC? And More Details on Mod Tools

MP1st - "Senior Gameplay Designer, Alan Kertz, answers questions from fans and reveals possible future DLC."

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Majin-vegeta2435d ago

As long as they're dlc are expansions like B2K i'll buy them.

Mister_V2435d ago

I think that will definitely be the case. I remember them saying that they weren't going to do DLC unless it was big, something like BFBC2: Vietnam or bigger.

-Alpha2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

2143 sounds hard to do for DLC, but it'd be an ambitious project. I'd like it, but it seems to me that it'd require a lot more work than what they did with 'Nam.

They were also clear that Titan Mode wasn't in the works yet and that's a must for 2143. Maybe they could do Titan Mode using what they have, such as the ship vessels as the titans.

I got the impression that they were hinting at a DLC pack aimed towards the past again rather than a futuristic setting.

Mister_V2435d ago

@ -Alpha, While WWII's been done to death, I wouldn't mind seeing it one last time using the Frostbite 2 engine in all its glory.

papashango2435d ago

2143 as dlc? one no buy from this bf fan thats played since 1942 pre release demo

Criminal2435d ago

I like the way DICE is going about DLC. They want create different experiences for us. So stoked on B2K!

icarusorigin2435d ago

If battlefield 2143 is ever made, I would be able to die happy.

shiner2435d ago


Awesome avatar BTW. Best show ever.

Vladplaya2435d ago

No way, if they gonna remake 2142, they better make new full game. I can't stand those tinny crappy over priced DLC which take one game and shove into another game...

SKUD2435d ago

I agree. 2142 was a great game by its self. I don't think It would need to piggy back on BF3.

Hufandpuf2435d ago

If bfbc2 vietnam was any indication. The expansion of a classic game is much better than buying a $60 version of it. Thers no point of making an updated version if the original is still doing fine and not having the core gameplay changed if you can easilybuy the original and play it now.

The DLC expansions are homages to the original ones. For nostalgia purposes and for those that have never experienced them. They also provide a change of pace.

Vladplaya2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

No one said they should charge 60 bucks for new game in the first place.

Vietnam was a joke, it was just a fraction of what full game could have been. But then it wouldn't make any sense to make DLC size of a full game, and then sell it for 15 bucks and make it run through different game.

Core gameplay might stay the same but gameplay is different, and there are people who like modern war and hate sci fi, and there are people who love sci fi and can careless about modern war, why force them to buy BF3 just so they can play their game through it?

No thanks, I don't want to spend money on BF3 that I am not gonna play, and then spend 15+ bucks on half assed DLC. Just give me full game for decent price.

Hufandpuf2435d ago


Half-assed and overpriced? Do you know what DLC looks like? There are FAR worse DLC examples, and you say $15 for an expansion that contains a new setting and weapons is too much? I wonder what kind of DLC you buy.

sonicsidewinder2434d ago

Yeah but Bad Company is a console game.

FunkMcnasty2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )


I thought BC2's Vietnam DLC was absolutely worth the $15 price tag. 5 maps (that IMO were quite well thought out), 5 or six new vehichles, and a whole new set of weapons for each class? C'mon that's a pretty good deal, no?

Whatever the case with DLC for BF3, my only hope is that the new weapons, gadgets, and specializations for each class have to be unlocked... i need those dopamine rewards! That was my one beef with BC2: Vietnam, there was nothing to unlock and everything was set and ready to equip for each class.. even thought points earned playing vietnam counted towards unlocks in the regular BC2 multiplayer... I'm willing to bet that by the time Vietnam released, most serious BC2 fans, like myself, had already reached or surpassed level 23 where you finally unlock the last item (G3 assault rifle.)

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