Firms sues Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo among others

"A company called Autotext has taken legal action against so many high tech companies their names will fill the next paragraph.

They are, in alphabetical order, Apple, AT&T, Helio, HP, HTC America, IBM, Kyocera, LG Electronics, Microsoft, Motorola, Nintendo, Nokia, Nuance, Palm, Qualcomm, RIM, Samsung, Sanyo, Sony, T-Mobile, Verizon and Zi."

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MK_Red3883d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

LOL, this story just made my day :)
Really, I didn't know there is someone dumb enough to try to sue all of these at once: Apple, AT&T, HP, IBM, Kyocera, LG, MS, Nintendo, Nokia, Samsung, Sony...

Are they THAT dumb!? Hilarious. Also, isn't it a bit late to sue these based on that?

ReBurn3883d ago

If you throw enough lawsuits at the wall one of them is bound to stick. Any one of those companies could provide for a handsome payday if successful.

BrianC62343883d ago

I hate companies like this Autotext company. I say the rest of us just gang up on them, beat them to a bloody pulp, and destroy them. Then we can get back to our lives. This patent garbage is a mess. I think I'll file patent for the idea of breathing air. Now don't forget, before the rest of you breath another ounce of air you better ask me and pay me royalties.

gamesblow3883d ago

typical, Sony's always getting sued. It's nothing new. Small "nothing and nobody" compaines always want a piece of the big corporate pie... I just hope MS, Sony and all the other guys piss on it before they serve it.

BloodySinner3883d ago

All those companies will crush Autotext.

MK_Red3883d ago

MS, Apple, Sony, Nintendo, Samsung and any other one of those big companies alone can crush Autotext let alone all of them combined.

v1c1ous3883d ago

1)patent a bunch of things, no matter how insignificant and no need to actually put it to use
2)wait a few years
3)hope a multimillion dollar company infringes on your patent
4)sue the living hell out of them. no need to win the case (its a plus), the settlement is usually more than enough.

ravinash3883d ago

Its like what....did you only just noticed???
I'm sure its used on their mobile phone they have in their pocket.
They just wanted to wait till more companies thought the idea was safe before they dropped the axe.
I can never get the autotxt thing to work for me anyway...its always coming up with the wrong word....or maybe I'm just too old to get it to work.

godofthunder103883d ago

sony has another problems to, they're in trouble to because Sony was caught violating GPL to,go to the inquirer (just click read story it will bring you right to the site)and on the first page in the right hand corner their's more articles it's under top inq stories,under it is an article that reads sony caught violating gpl)but i quess it's alright to sony fans because it's sony but if it was microsoft we would never hear the end to because they have a double standard when it comes to sony and microsoft,it's alright for sony to do just as long as it's not microsoft.
sony fans think that microsoft is the only one that will do things like this and sony never did anything wrong even when they had trouble with batties exploding,cameras being recalled,and the problems with ps1 and 2,but it's only microsoft that has problems not sony,but they always turn their heads to when it comes sony no matter what they do and i think that it's a shame for americans to try and hurt an american company and help a forign company.

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The story is too old to be commented.