SSX ~ It's Tricky Trailer

SSX challenges you to defy reality as you race and trick your way down the mountain, but when the elements turn and the mountain throws everything it has at you, will you survive it? For the first time in franchise history, take on nine of the world's deadliest descents as you attempt to outrun avalanches, ride in sub-zero darkness, soar across gaps using a wingsuit, and much more. Check out the Survive It trailer to see what challenges stand in your way.

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fluffydelusions2439d ago

I don't even snowboard in real life but always enjoyed snowboarding games. 1080 snowboarding on n64 and coolboarders on ps1. Can't wait for this. This gen seriously lacks variety. Far too many FPS. Wish Sony would bring back Jet moto too :)

iLL_Ranger2439d ago

Hahaha, 1080 for n64 was awesome! Good times!


esemce2439d ago

I don't even murder people in real life but enjoy putting bullets in people in shooting people in the face games, weird I know.

Elwenil2439d ago

Eh, the semi-realistic setting of this game has killed it for me, just like it killed the last SSX for me also. I want another Tricky game with the courses that were almost like snowboarding in a pinball machine or carnival ride, not this half-assed extreme sports BS. Just my .02

Camb316912439d ago

Even with the more serious approach i still think it'll be worth a look at. Loved all of them up to 3.