Why We Should Stop Advertising PETA

PSS:"First off let me get one thing out of the way. I agree with the moral that is found way deep down twisted and hidden under everything there is to be seen of PETA. Respecting animals is definitely something we can do, and the fact I have seen some animals come from abuse personally I believe in it strongly. However the actions of PETA do not support this belief and are just turning more people against the overall idea, and in return making matters worse. This is why I say we stop “advertising” them within the game industry."

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Pikajew2436d ago

If we should stop advertising them, why do we have this article?

ATi_Elite2435d ago

when it comes to PETA and Video games no one gives a DAM and PETA is irrelevant! We just laugh at the articles and websites get a very small amount of cheap web hits.

Abusing digital animals is just as irrelevant as killing digital people. It's a game and NOT REAL! Hit reset and wah la all those digital animals and people pop back up.

PETA does bring to light some real issues on animal abuse but for the most part things like this just make people not take PETA seriously and it hurts the organization more than helps it.

As for me I like animals cause they make good clothes and they taste good after cooking them.

Wintersun6162435d ago

Because they're a bunch of hypocritical wannabe superheroes.

MasterD9192435d ago

Conan had a good joke yesterday about this...

Mario has been kicking turtles around since the 80's and smashing turtles with mallets....and they go after Mario for this?

PETA must have nothing going on. Which is a shame because you would think they actually care about REAL animals, not video game animals.

Tuxedo_Mask2435d ago

What we should really be doing is urging the members of PETA to get the help they need for their mental issues. That many unstable people collected in one place can't be good for anyone.

half-tard2430d ago

PETA is right I played da mario and I was like really wanting to go kill racoons and stuff... seriously scared the hell out of me broz no foolin'