No-Shave November: The Top 10 Greatest Video Game Beards

GP: "Nothing says 'manly' quite like a scruffy mane of hair sprouting from one's face. With such figures as Mr. T, Chuck Norris, and Santa Clause sporting a glorious beard, it's obvious that some bearded folk just wouldn't look as awesome without their beautiful tufts of facial hair. And the same can be said about video game characters; from a knight to a god to a trio of viking brothers, there are several characters in the world of gaming that just wouldn't be the same without their magnificent manes.

But whose beards stand out above the rest? In the spirit of No-Shave November, we shall answer that question. And without further ado, here are my picks for the top 10 video game beards."

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SovereignSnaKe2468d ago

Oh come awnnnn Where is THE END! from Snake Eater!, i just killed that gross old man tonight! :D

Kurt Russell2468d ago

The Dwarf from Golden Axe!

ironfist922468d ago

I wanna grow a beard like Ezio.

Ddouble2467d ago

Gen should have been there instead of Zangief

SignifiedSix2467d ago

This month needs to be over. Why did i agree to this? lol