Iron Man Previewed - "expect huge aerial battles"

Gameplayer has taken a look at the game adaptation of the upcoming Iron Man film. They talk about Iron Man's look and power as well as the gameplay.

"While Iron Man can't match Superman for speed, his jet-propelled boots can boost him ahead of F-19 fighter jets. Flight will play a big part in the gameplay itself, so expect huge aerial battles like those in Ace Combat as the sky fills with choppers, planes and missiles."

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MK_Red3948d ago

It's kinda new and promising to have previews and stuff of a movie-based game long before it's release. Games based on movies usually are shown 1 to 3 months before film comes out but Ironman game was on show during E3 and the film won't be out anytime soon.

THX71683947d ago

Well, actually, Iron Man is set for release in May of 2008. About 6 months from now but I like to think it's coming out soon. Especially since I've been eagerly awaiting this movie since I first heard about it back in 2002. It isn't very easy having to wait 6 years to watch a movie.


HeartlesskizZ3948d ago

The game looks to be repetitive from the videos I seen of the aerial gameplay but im more excited about the movie =)

xionpunk3948d ago

Iron man is kick ass, so i have hope for this game,
IN the meantime, there might be an army of Iron men one day...


Mycococo3948d ago

it would be great to fight other iron mans online! flying and all that fun stuff

Skerj3948d ago

Hulk Ultimate Destruction is currently my reigning king of comic book games. And Chronicles of Riddick is the current king of movie based games, I wonder how this one will fair when we get to play it.

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