Holiday Buyer's Guide: RPG Edition [Trendy Gamers]

Jordan of Trendy Gamers: With the holidays approaching quickly, many people out there are wondering what to buy their friends or loved ones this winter. To help people out, we will be putting together a list of games that your friends deserve this holiday season. We’ll be starting with RPG’s and working my way through most of the major genres. Here are the RPG’s your friends and loved ones would love this holiday season.

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TrendyGamers2466d ago

Let me know if any of you guys are picking these up as gifts, or getting them as gifts.

Son_Lee2466d ago

Getting Skyrim as a gift in the next couple of weeks. So excited!

TrendyGamers2466d ago

Awesome! Hopefully they know they wont be seeing you for awhile.

Son_Lee2466d ago

They don't see me most of the time anyway haha. I tend to hibernate, but more so with this game.