Skyrim – Mehrunes Dagon & the Mehrunes’ Razor is Back (Daedric Artifact)

"Gamers who have played Oblivion or Morrowind, the name Mehrunes Dagon should be quite familiar. In Skyrim, the Prince of Destruction will give you an opportunity to acquire one of his dagger once again, the Mehrunes’ Razor." - JPS

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RedDead2353d ago

Reported for Spoilers...again

MightyMark4272353d ago

Uh, it's a guide. Are you serious? When you look at a guide, expect to be spoiled. If you're just going to attack this site, might as well attack other game sites that posts the guide as it contains spoilers too. Get real

admiralvic2353d ago

While this is an obvious troll reply... I will still give you the time of day.

For a guide to be good, it needs to explain some stuff. Guides that don't explain anything tend to be awful and confusing. In the end you shouldnt be reading a guide to get something you shouldnt already know about.