Bethesda:"Game's Patches Take Time"

Bethesda's game has encountered and odd technical problem: not perfect textures on Xbox 360, faceless characters and impossible leaps. Players expect a patch that can fix all the problems in the medieval RPG.

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Trainz2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

Or just be like me and patiently await the release of the GOTY edition with all the patches and dlc on the disc at a cheaper price.

@disagree's Haha I hope you all get glitched to oblivion.

MariaHelFutura2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

Or..... you could enjoy the game and not worry about minor issues that are getting blown up to be game breakers. The issue w/ the ps3 is "fixable" the texture issue w/ the 360..... are texture issues....

Skyrim transends all of this. IMO, of course.

artynerd2439d ago

"Skyrim transends all of this." All games as well.

Quite possibly the best video game ever made - it truly defines the medium of "interactive entertainment".

Hellsvacancy2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

I know it takes time, im STILL waitin for BF3 to be patched, its a joke i cant communicate with my buddys whilst playin BF3 (PS3) online

I shall buy Skyrim when it patched up

fossilfern2439d ago

Im having serious issues with my BF3 on PC. I cant join an online game, I cant even play campaign and even when i try to start a game on BF3 Origin will come up and say its loading but there is NOTHING on my task manager!

BF3 is not starting at all! So annoyed!

banner2439d ago

In other words... Stfu, we already have your money so wait for the patch! We will fix what we can when we can.

V0LT2439d ago

Or you could have taken your time and try to get it right before releasing.......

V0LT2439d ago

I hate the release now and patch later mentality these days.

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