DICE's Alan Kertz Comments on Call of Duty Series

Despite the release and successful sales of both blockbuster titles, the war between DICE's Battlefield 3 and Activision's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 rages on. We know how passionate fans are about their respective games, but what about the developers? How do the ones who are responsible for the design of the competing games feel about the competition.

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Hufandpuf2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

"I like cod, they do an excellent SP and I have a lot of respect for what they have built. I haven't played 3 yet, and I haven't enjoyed the mp since MW1. That was truly a brilliant step forward for mp shooters."

Exactly what the majority of BF and CoD fans think. BTW I bought MW1 on amazon, it hasn't arrived yet but I hear it's full of hackers now. Is that true?

Majin-vegeta2382d ago

Depends ps3 or 360 version??Cuz i play ps3 and there's hacked lobbies every now and then but people say the 360 is filled with hack lobbies.

Hufandpuf2382d ago

Damn! I just wanted to play it again. I also felt it was the best COD made even today. and it would be so cool to revisit it. 360 btw.

-Alpha2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

^ I hear that 360 has hack lobbies, but I never had issues on the PS3 version (I played recently) aside from that one outbreak before MW2 that IW patched.

I'm sure you will be fine for the most part, it's by far the best COD game of this gen. The pacing and design is leaps better than the rest of the series. COD is now known for annoying quickscoping and running around and constantly playing offense in small maps where weapon balance means nothing.

CoD4 is slower and requires more thought, I loved every map on that disc.

DarkBlade46582382d ago

I completely agree with that statement.

yesmynameissumo2382d ago

"Exactly what the majority of BF and CoD fans think..."

Really? It seems like the opposite as MW3 ate BF3's breakfast, lunch and dinner in terms of sales. You don't sell as much as MW3 has if people haven't enjoyed MP since MW1.

radphil2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

"You don't sell as much as MW3 has if people haven't enjoyed MP since MW1."

It's called brand selling.

After a few months from now it'll show the true holding point of players and the actually community of where it at.

Just because a person bought a game, does not instantly mean they'll love it.

lifesanrpg2382d ago

a lot of COD fans purchased MW3 on the name alone and were disappointed by the actual gameplay and MP

yesmynameissumo2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

The same can be said for BF3.

If you were paying attention, you'd see MW3 shit all over BF3. It's that simple. Kertz comments are pointless, particularly when BF3 can't even topple Blops on Live.

Also, aren't fans people who play? Trying to separate the two is as pointless as Kertz comments.

Hicken2382d ago

You're getting fans confused with people who play.

Fans of CoD actually want the series to improve and such, and most of them do, indeed, think CoD4 is still the best in the series.

People who play CoD don't give a shit. They just want to play a game with their friends... and maybe cheat a little.

If you were paying attention, you'd see that sales don't always equal quality, and CoD is one of those cases. Just ask the majority of players what they like about it. Most will say it's playing with friends (which could be any game), and they'll also mention ease of use, along with things like quick-scopinng and such.

lifesanrpg2382d ago


Quick scoping was one of the worst things to happen to COD and IW made it easier with MW3.

Hicken2382d ago

I'm a fan of CoD- at least I was- but I don't play. I've put progressively less time into each CoD, and with MW3, I've put NO time in.

People who play are exactly that: people who play the game. They can be fans or bandwagon followers or people who only play when they're at the home of someone who has the game. Don't act daft and pretend you don't know that there is or can be a difference.

It's like the difference between the casual and the core. The core cares about more than just the game itself. They care about the industry and the trends therein. They care about worthy developers getting their time in the spotlight. They care about a series making both large and small improvements.

The casuals care about popping in a game and enjoying themselves, nothing further. They wouldn't come to a site like n4g to keep up on current gaming news. They don't care that problems from CoD4 are still present in what's effectively CoD8.

"People who play" obviously refers to casuals. And, believe it or not, casuals make up the majority of CoD's sales now. It doesn't matter to them whether or not Battlefield is a more immersive experience, whether the sound or graphics or destruction is better. All that counts for them is that they play.

So yeah, talk up sales figures inflated by people who largely don't give a damn. I guarantee you that the Battlefield population, percentage-wise, is far more vested in their game, and in gaming.

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SignifiedSix2382d ago

I have MW1 for my 360 and play every now and then. Surprisingly, i haven't come across any hackers on that game.. Probably because i don't play it as much.

ExCest2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

hmmm maybe there are less now. you must be lucky

but play COD5

its broken the hell up by hackers

GraveLord2382d ago

Most people will say all CODs after MW1(COD4) suck. Its just nostalgia. COD4 was in many ways pefect. How can you top that?

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The_Nameless_One2382d ago

i was never into CoD MP but I have enjoyed MW1 SP very much. Though it was kinda short it was vert tight and I never got the feeling that a parts of the game got deliberately stretched out because they wanted to lengthen it. However, that's where the series peaked imo. it all felt like a movie series that had an excellent start with great director but stated going down hill from there. Imagine, if you will, that CoD is actually a movie series.

MW1 - Ridley Scott.
WaW - Paul Greengrass.
MW2 - Michael Bay.
Black Ops - Brett Ratner.

Grimhammer002382d ago

Too bad gamers don't stay in the past.
Mw3 is just the evolution of gaming fps.
You might not think so due to it being a tweaked and added to mw2.

But just look at recent genres being codified.

-asscreed mp
- ace combat assault horizon
- umvc3 heroes & heralds mode


Cosmit2382d ago

" the war between DICE's Battlefield 3 and Activision's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 rages on."

Really? The only ones doing the "trash" talking have been Dice, EA, and the BF fanboys.

ExCest2382d ago

only us?

maybe that's just n4g (in your eyes)

go on youtube and stuff (half/more will b!tch on bf3 and say how much better mw3 is even b4 the game was even released)

here on n4g, it just seems like there are many more bf3 fans than mw3 fans. there might not be and maybe mw3 fans are just silent (with awe from bf3?)