Crafting My Ideal MMO

By Jonas Jurgens --- Nightmare Mode

"I’ve never cared much for MMOs. I’ve tried out several different ones, only lasting a few hours in each, among them Age of Conan, Rift, The Lord of the Rings Online, and even the most lauded – or nefarious, depending on your point-of-view – World of Warcraft. Although in fairness I only played WoW for about ten minutes while the guy who owned the account took a shower. It’s odd because I should adore the genre, as it grants me a massive, deep world that I may explore at my leisure, complete with guilds to join and giants monsters to slay. And the sheer volume of lore and well-hidden secrets should enable me to sink countless hours into it. So why am I not doing that, and instead dispensing my rambling thoughts here?"

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kefkah2435d ago

Good read and oddly enough, your complaints currently ring true with MMO players at this moment in time.