Writing A Game Review: The Other Side Of The Fence

The Bitbag writes, "One funny thing about the video game culture (I think it's big enough that I don't have to call it a sub-culture anymore) is that the whole no-lifer geek stereotype image is damnably pervasive. It's pretty amazing too, because if you actually explore the relationships you form with gaming buds, you find that under the shared interest there's… an actual living person there, in every case."

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felman873917d ago

I hope I'll continue to be a reviewer well into my 30s

BrianC62343916d ago

Did he ever get to the part about actually reviewing games? It seemed more like he was talking about how he's not a geek for be a 37 year old gamer. I didn't read the last couple paragraphs. Maybe that was where he talked about reviewing them?

lynx1halo3917d ago

...reminds me of how cool i thought i was with my wrist watch that was a calculator and had the donkey kong game on it LOL