Criterion developing another Need For Speed

Criterion Games is developing another Need For Speed game, a job advertisement for the developer has revealed.

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dark-hollow2436d ago

Just put this franchise to rest already, ea!

Brownghost2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

it died when prostreet came out

egidem2436d ago

So far the Burnout series have just been much better than any recent need for speed title that Criterion games was not involved in.

madpuppy2436d ago

10-4! lets bring back crash junctions! (god, I miss burnout 3)

Hufandpuf2436d ago

The game comes out next year.. surprising? Good thing it's Criterion, even though I just couldn't get into NFS:HP2

LOGICWINS2436d ago

Criterion! Make an MMA/Burnout cross over with robotic combatants that have thrusters on their SHOES!!!

MidnytRain2436d ago

Jesus! It seemed not too long ago you had, like, six bubbles. lol

egidem2436d ago

Wait....what happened to LOGICWINS' awesome bubble line up??? Could it be...Logic FAILED TO WIN???

LOGICWINS2435d ago

Glad to see that other people on the N4G community know who I am :)

GraveLord2436d ago

Wait I thought Activision was the one that milked franchises?

Zancruz2436d ago

GOOD! They're the only people that knows how to make a good NFS game anymore....

iamgoatman2436d ago

Hot Pursuit wasn't very good though, mind numbingly repetitive with way too many time trial events. Also making it open world was just pointless, there was nothing to actually do while free roaming with very few actual racing routes anyway. All the cars handled the same and the complete lack of customization was disappointing.

It just felt like a way less fun Burnout Paradise with a lick of paint.

ironfist922435d ago

SMS did an awesome job with Shift imo.

Hicken2435d ago

If you're talking about the first Shift, I can agree.

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The story is too old to be commented.