Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland coming to NA/EU Spring 2012

NIS America announced that Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland will hit Western shores in spring 2012.

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Neckbear2134d ago

Well gee, this sure took me by surprise! I wasn't expecting an announcement so soon.

Moerdigan2134d ago

Although spring is sooner to come out than expected. Nice!

tiffac0082134d ago

And by Spring my collection will be complete!

zerocrossing2134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

Hey, have you played Totori yet? If so would you recommend it? =)

Lol! Thanks! I loved Rorona, so if Totori is more of the same but better I'm sure I'll enjoy it.

tiffac0082134d ago (Edited 2134d ago )

Rorona and Totori but I have not finished Totori yet because Uncharted 3 came flying by. lol!

The series doesn't have a deep storyline and is for the niche fan but if your an anime fan this game (series) will definitely win you over.

The Alchemy system will surely pull you in too.

Edit: Everything looks and feels better from Rorona.

zerocrossing2134d ago

I still haven't played Totori yet D: but this a pleasant surprise :D

TheColbertinator2134d ago

Hooray 2012 will rock.All hail Gust.

Hicken2134d ago

Damn, I still haven't finished Rorona, or even picked up my Totori yet. Got some catching up to do.

TheColbertinator2134d ago

I recommend going for Torori next.Rorona didn't have a good or even accomplishing ending.

Hicken2134d ago

I guess I'll make that next after I finish Uncharted.

knifefight2133d ago (Edited 2133d ago )

Yeah. I love anime style, love JRPGs, and usually love Gust games, but damn, Rorona just got tedious and un-fun by the last half of the game or so.

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