NEW - F.E.A.R 2 Info + Screenshots

Gameplayer has spent some time in front of the sequel to F.E.A.R which, thanks to legal complications, will now go by the name Project Origin. It goes into detail about the story, new gameplay features and how the graphics are shaping up. It also features a bunch of screenshots.

"She may still be psychically emanating her appearance of herself as a child, but Alma is very much on the loose. She slowly walks over, solemnly intones "We all fall down…" and then the action really begins."

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MK_Red3916d ago

The situation over FEAR's name is downright stupid and really hilarious. We have a game the is true sequel to FEAR, has Alma and all of FEAR elements in it but is called something completely different (Project Origin). We'll also have a game which has no Alma, no story relation to FEAR1, no same universe and really different feel to original FEAR yet it will have the official name of FEAR 2.

Bolts3916d ago

The orginal Fear was a great game, but it made no sense and asked more questions than it answered at the end. Also dark scary corridors is what made Fear work, if they take this game to more open enviroments it wouldn't be the same.

picker3323916d ago

A similar problem as condemned.

THE_JUDGE3915d ago

and was throughly disappointed by it. I have been scared alot easier by SH any day of the week.

Gamingisfornerds3915d ago

And it was the same old corridor-fest. Please guys, use your imagination a bit here!

Or just stick to Condemned! ;)