Nintendo 3DS: On Path To Become Greatest Handheld Of All Time

Chris Buffa (Modojo): A funny thing happened the past few months. I fell in love with Nintendo's 3DS.

Little things still bug me. After experiencing PlayStation Vita, I wish the screen were bigger, and I'm still not sure how the circle pad situation will play out. Third parties also need to try a bit harder, as some of the games don't take full advantage of the system's power.

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cpayne932377d ago

Eh, I don't know about that. Its looking to be an excellent handheld, but it being the best seems pretty exaggerated.

smashcrashbash2377d ago

That's Chris for you. He exaggerates a lot. Just check all his other articles

miyamoto2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

Thanks for the heads up I knew this guy is up to something- he just wants the clicks.

Selling out seems to be business SOP these days.

Oh check this out guys?

who this guy really is:

Venox20082376d ago

Actually 3DS and Vita both have potential to be best handhelds.. it will depend on software.. and quantity & quality :)

2EHO2376d ago

Love my 3ds from launch day. Seriously super mario 3d land shows off how good it can be. Why do people continue to doubt nintendo and want them to fail? At this point we should all know nintendo has this handheld thing perfected.

PSVita2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

honestly Nintendo can work magic with the hardware they produce but because they prefer to develop cheaper hardware that they can only really succeed on, they lose a lot of third party support. For example MvC3, AC, Bioshock, COD,the whole MGS HD collection, little kings story, Mortal Kombat, Oddworld HD, Ninja Gaiden sigma, touch my katamari, Zone of the enders and so on and so on. The 3ds has been out for months it should be have a much better third party line up then the vita.