Battlefield 3: What’s Still Wrong in a Game So Right

MP1st - "Battlefield 3 is easily one of my favorite multiplayer games of this console generation; it’s quickly moving up the ranks in my “all-time favorites” as well. With a hundred hours playtime at rank 49, I’ve put enough time in to really get a hang of the game and its unique elements. I’ve also seen more than a few issues crop up that should be remedied either via patches and updates, or for future Battlefield installments."

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Hufandpuf2441d ago

The difficulty is fine. Just practice as much as you can. Also if you have played any ace combat game, it should be a peace of cake. But if not you can always invert the controls.

Mister_V2441d ago

I think it's just a matter of getting used to. The tough part is trying to do well in the beginning without any unlocks. That can be a bit of a pain. It's also tough when you up against good pilots that have everything unlocked.

-Alpha2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

Jets are still a pain for me but I've improved a lot.

This is a good list of faults. Mine are all balance related:

-Engineer class is powerful against everything when it ought to be weak against infantry. Thus, their carbines all need a nerf, especially the SCAR

-IRNV is a huge crutch for noobs, it needs serious modifications

-Distribution of C4 to Support doesn't seem right, and their LMGs feel too much like AR's with bigger clips. Perhaps increase recoil or make them run a bit slower

-Engineer's equipment distribution doesn't seem balanced either-- spawning with 9 rockets to spam against infantry and the ability to trade the repair tool for mines, EOD bot, etc. It's too much of a go-to class for all situations

creatchee2441d ago

I disagree on the IRNV. It's the last unlock you can get on a gun, meaning that you've played (and killed) quite a bit, presumably mastering that particular gun. Therefore, it's not a noob crutch - it's an enhancement for players who have legitimately earned it.

Hufandpuf2441d ago


I totally agree. Even though it isn't easy to take down a tank by yourself, They do make it easier with the amount of rockets you carry. It should be a team effort to bring a tank down, and it still is, but I feel, compared to BF2, it's a lot easier. I do agree that they made the engineer a DO-IT-ALL class. and I wish they leaned more towards the BFBC1 or BF2 method where the engineer had a submachine gun (which was only effective really closely) or give them a shotgun like they did in BFBC1.

And plus, one engineer can potentially shoot down every aircraft in the sky if they were patient enough in BF3.

frostypants2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

By "infantry" I assume you mean "Assault". The Assault class can already self-heal with med kits or carry a me that's advantage enough over Engineers. And yeah, the noob-tube is much more effective than the RPG against other troops once you learn how to aim it. On top of all this, Assault can revive people. And Engineers can only carry that many mines/rockets with the appropriate ability selected. I'm not even sure why so many tank drivers still run over mines in the most obvious places...just fire a shell at the ground, people.

On non-vehicle maps, I always use Assault over Engineer. To me the advantage is clear.

I originally thought Support needed more recoil on LMGs, because people hardly need the bipod. That said, Support isn't being as overused as it was the first few days, so it doesn't bother me as much.

cyborg69712441d ago

I can't do crap with jets. But I'm learning and fly well, I just can't kill anyone.
As far as the engineer, I find that a lot more players are repairing tanks as soon as I get one shot on them making it more difficult to take out. Which is fine and how it's suppose to be.
However choppers and jets with flares are almost impossible to take out unless you have at least two players shooting at them at the same time.
And the chat is still terrible. This patch can't come fast enough. But then again I'm impatient.

Mister_V2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

The OP Engineer class has been a big issue for me. Not because they're too effective against me, but because it makes playing as other classes just seem like a silly decision.

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Fishy Fingers2441d ago

On console, they're fine, on PC, I found ditching the mouse and using WASD and the arrow keys. Much easier.

navysealrb2441d ago

start playing Lock-On and then go back to these jets. I don't know how much more easier they can make it

frostypants2441d ago

I think it's too easy, actually. No blackouts/red outs, the ease of pushing negative-G maneuvers...I wanna see stall-induced spins. Flying SHOULD be hard!

Tonester9252441d ago

The only thing that throws me off is the Down=Up and Up=Down.. But I could change that easily. I think im just going to have to get good at it. I dont like altering controls for some reason

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Hufandpuf2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

I agree with this article except for the server browser. Its the only thing i use to join a game. Yes, the standard quick match option is a little more efficient but im sure DICE will tweak servers in the future to play the same maps or restrict weapons just to mix things up. And you could always buy a server and tweak it to what you want.

The ranking seems pointless though. But i like your idea of specific rank servers. Like veteran severs 40-49, 1-15, and so on. It seems cool.

Attachments i have no problem with.

And the spawns in TDM can be great or horrible. I am guilty of spawn camping the crate on the canal, but it is just so obvious. I do hope they fix that though. And the top of the crane on canals should be off limits. People spawn parachute onto it.

Optical_Matrix2441d ago

It's either the maps weren't built for TDM, or DICE really need to fix the spawning. It's terrible. I'm not sure on what planet its acceptable for me to be spawning amongst a group of enemies who've also just spawned. The central spawn point of each team should be dynamic and constantly be at opposite ends of the map from eachother.

Apart from that I have few complaints. Hit detection is funky, and a little bit more nerfing needs to happen on certain weapons. Luckily most of that is getting dealt with in the next patch. Battlefield 3 continues to be a blast to play.

Soldierone2441d ago

TDM isn't really there to be anything important. Its just something they always get nagged at having with all their games, especially Medal of Honor. So they threw it in there to make people happy.

Its mostly there just for you to take a quick break and play a few games then go back to objective. I'm sure the next Medal of Honor will be a more fully fledged TDM.

I'm not saying they won't fix these errors, just don't expect it to be at the same level as the other game modes.

frostypants2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )

Battlefield is ALL about Conquest (that being the original game mode of the series). Rush is the main alternative. TDM was just tossed in for the hell of it. It's fun for a few cheap kills, but really if you limit yourself to it, you're missing the best parts of the game.

Mister_V2441d ago

I too would love to see map specific servers. On top of that, I think a hardcore option should be included in 'quick match,' much like BFBC2.

Soldierone2441d ago

I like the rank idea. I'm a rank 42, taking my time to get to 45 so i have something to do all the time haha. But I get put in matches at night where my whole team will be below 10's, and the other team could be 30's and up and you can just imagine how lopsided the match is.

At the very least it would be nice to have some sort of mixing up, so some of their team would come to mine in exchange for my players. So the average rank of both teams is the same.

ps921172441d ago

I wish the IRNV had a bit more magnification.

The laser guided missiles for jets needs to be more powerful.

sovietsoldier2441d ago

my main problem with this game other then hackers is balance. if you fly a jet or chopper you don't last long when you have up to 32 players all shooting stingers at you combined with air vehicles and ground aa all over you. then if you should survive the onslaught of aa fire your jet/chopper is weak as hell and takes a ton of ordinance to kill a tank or infantry. then you have the kits that need to be redone so each works as a team and not on its own. guns need a little tweak but nothing major. irnv should be made to work only at night or dark spaces , just like the real thing. mortars need a hugh nerf or a clever idea.

PENGUINKK2441d ago

The last point is moot because nobody plays a Battlefield game for TDM.

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