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Shaman2350d ago

VGA, the home of the worst teasers...

Criminal2350d ago

There's gotta be a better industry wide awards with better teasers ;)

Fishy Fingers2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

Well, that was crap, could of thrown in a second or two of new footage. Ah well, still be nice to get some new stuff, it's been ages since it was first announced.

gypsygib2350d ago

I blinked and missed it, what happened in the trailer exactly?

gaden_malak2350d ago

We've seen a teaser of this game before...time to move on from teasing us with a game we already know is coming.

Or is this just a teaser to remind us it is coming because we haven't had shit on this game for a long time?

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