Zelda's Best Cinematic Moments

Carl B. of writes, "The Legend of Zelda series has had plenty of iconic moments throughout the past 25 years. With two hours of cut-scenes, Skyward Sword is the most cinematic Zelda experience Nintendo has created, but there are still some amazing moments from the franchise's storied past. What are the greatest cinematic moments in the series, not counting Skyward Sword?"

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Sidology2353d ago

What about Majora's Mask when every time Link gets a new mask that is frightening?

PygmelionHunter2352d ago

Pretty much anything from Majora's Mask! I swear that's the only Zelda game I've ever wished to get a sequel for, such an unique game, not to mention artistically beautiful!

fossilfern2352d ago

Love Majoras Mask! Its my Fave :D