Team Ninja releases new blood-filled screenshots of Ninja Gaiden 3

GameDynamo - "There are still a few months left until Ninja Gaiden 3 comes out for PS3 and Xbox 360, and probably even longer until the newly-announced Wii U version, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge, hits store shelves, but this morning Team Ninja wanted to reward us for our patience by releasing more than a handful of blood-filled screenshots of Ninja Gaiden 3. Gotta love 'em!"

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darthv722350d ago

I dont think even new and improved Bounty can soak up that much blood.

FriedGoat2350d ago

It's called plenty now :(

darthv722350d ago

kotex would have worked better? it just didnt seem as appropriate but still...........

StanLee2350d ago

It looks incredibly cartoonish. It looks more ridiculous than gruesome.

ZippyZapper2350d ago

They take the blood out and put it back in with tons QTE's to go with it. Was reading EGM and they said Team Ninja is going to make the game easy and more casual. They took the skill out of the game for button mashing and QTE like GOW. Remember when Ninja Gaiden was a good game based on skill?

riksweeney2350d ago

I heard that the end boss is the bloke who operated the camera in the first game.

Berserk2350d ago

I haven't seen any limb tearing, of the game shown so far. Hope it doesn't purely rely on blood.