Next generation to arrive in 2012

Ubisoft Montreal currently working with next-generation Xbox devkits; major Sony studio shifts focus to new PlayStation.

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Iamback2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

Told you
ME the legend on N4G. I told you Sony won't wait for 2014. Damn I am good.

KaBaW2467d ago

Lmao, oh Nasim .. good times, hahah.

360 man2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

what ever happened to NASIM loooool :D

NegativeCreepWA2467d ago

lol, That has got to be the most notorious name on N4G.

starchild2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

Oh I'm sure Nasim is still around....just under a different guise.

Anyway, Im ready for the next generation of consoles. Bring it on!

I hope we see a much bigger focus on graphical fidelity. And I don't mean just prettier graphics, I mean cleaner, more refined graphics.

They need to focus on getting rid of jaggies, screen tearing, slow down and other such things. Then, and only then, should they worry about pushing better graphics.

What would it matter if they achieve Avatar-level real-time graphics if it is marred by ugly screen tearing and jaggies? Would you be happy if your new Blu-ray copy of Avatar had jaggies all over everything and the screen tore in half all the time? Of course not. So why should we have to put up with so much of it in our games?

TooTall192467d ago

I remember nasim and Peter North.

MikeGdaGod2467d ago

Nasim!!!! hilarious!!!!! thats ol school N4G

Genghis2467d ago

for the love of god bring back the open zone

RBdrift2467d ago

I wonder what happen to those goof balls
There comments always put a smile on my face.

nanometric2467d ago

I still remember TheMart's and ZHUK's golden trolling days. I guess thats why they trolled, so idiots like me would type comments like this one :D

sikbeta2467d ago

WOW! I'm here like for 2 years and all you people make me feel that I missed the best days :(


Siesser2467d ago

Mart - haven't heard that name in ages. And there was one other; don't remember his name, but he always had a Kobe Bryant avatar...

JoySticksFTW2467d ago

Honestly, those were the best days

I actually come here for a little bit of news now.

Before, I used to come for the news, laughs, and drama.

Those amazing personalities seem to be gone now. At least, they're not commenting like they used to in articles.

But yes, I've said it before and I'll say it again... 2006 or 2007ish was my absolute favorite era on N4G.

The console war (and HD-DVD vs Blu-ray war) was unreal. Unfortunately, even "reputable" journalists got into it.

And The Open Zone (no-holds barred commenting madness at it's best) just had to be seen to be believed.

Fanboys back then took stuff to a whole other level. It's not popular to say, but I personally miss it.

I mean, who really cares about sales anymore? But back then, a new sales article meant new drama that couldn't be missed. Good times, indeed.

Getowned2466d ago

open zone was soo funny.I want it back too! LOL

xtreampro2466d ago

Although I joined in Jan 2008 I've been visiting this site since late 2006 and the Open Zone is what finally got me to join. The comments on there were just flippin hilarious.

I used to be a big time PS3 fanboy back then and I can remember being a big target for the die-hard 360 fanboys, and targeting the biggest 360 fanboys was always my aim.

I don't know why but I find it really hard to come up with an incredibly trollish but funny comment now, whereas back then it would be like second nature to post the most ridiculous nonsense lol.

Bring back the Open Zone!

ash_divine2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

lol, yeah a small part of me kinda misses the old days too. Anyone remember dark_sniper and his hilarious press-release like speeches? Or how about queefyB's reign of idiocy?

ahh, good times.

Edit: Open zone truly was hilarious. Regardless of which side was being trolled.

THE TRUTH2466d ago

Yeah that was the good ole days of News4gamers, I miss those verbal battles.

JBaby3432466d ago

I remember all the guys from back in the days. Dark Sniper, Zhuk, The Mart, POG, Jason360, Icewake, Meus Resistance, First Knight, Black Zhuk, Sak500, Hydrolex, Silogon, and others.

Those days were so freaking hilarious. It's funny how everyone above misses them and looks back nostalgically, as do I, while at the time everyone complained that all this place was was a bunch of fanboys arguing and when will it get real news stories to just have civilized conversations about. I do miss the open zone and the classic fighting that took place back then.

Next gen might bring out more memorable battles.

JBaby3432466d ago

^^I remember both of you actually.

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Solidus187-SCMilk2467d ago

I never thought any of them would wait till 2014, but the next xbox and PS4 could come out in 2012 or even wait till 2013 I think, but no way will any of them wait till 2014.

I know the wiiU will arrive next year, but Im not sure about the xbox and Playstation. I wuoldnt be surprised if they came out at the end of next year or in 2013 either.

I would be very surprised if anyone waited till 2014 tho, that would be suicide with the start of next gen in 2012 with the PSV and WiiU.

MaxXAttaxX2467d ago

Aren't new consoles usually announced a year before they're released?
My guess is late 2013. If.

jony_dols2467d ago

Well supposedly Microsoft are gearing up for the next-gen Xbox announcement at CES 2012, which is less than 2 months away.

So that would give them nearly 11 months to prepare for a Xmas 2012 release.

And lets not forget that Sony only announced the PS Vita on February the 22nd & it is launching in Japan on Dec 17th.

Ju2467d ago

I have no doubt that MS will release soon. I am surprised that Sony is jumping on that hype. I think Sony can't beat these guys in time to market. We'll see. We have some nice technology available today. But I really want a quantum leap forward not just a minor improvement. I'd rather wait a little. I am not going for the first available machine. Even though...I start peaking at the WiiU - but I still keep my PS3. I think Nintendo might have accelerated the race again.

kudakadere2467d ago

They could have waited til then but next-gen was Nintendo's call , and Sony know more than anyone what releasing your console late will do . However Microsoft know that being early isn't always the best choice , who knows they may give Nintendo a year before they make their next-gen call .

frostypants2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

Might I also add to the chorus of...

Been saying late 2012/early 2013 for ages now.

JaredH2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

All I want is less jagged lines...

ZombieAssassin2467d ago

higher frame-rates would be nice too

andibandit2466d ago

less jaggies dosn't cut it, i want to play the next battlefield with more than 24 players.

youndamie2467d ago

lol i actually remember you congrats

sher00win992467d ago

i've never change my acount since december 2008, please give me bubbles since i have only one left :(

ATi_Elite2466d ago

I've said Xbox720 in 2012 long time ago.

PS4 in 2014

anyway only thing im interested in is Windows 8 in 2012 which would allow 360 games on the PC.

Red Dead Redemption in 1080p here i come.

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MaideninBlack2467d ago

Obviously. Wii-U is out in 2012.

Drekken2467d ago

Wii-U is only catching up to this gen... we can't really call their machine "next-gen". Next-gen refers to a jump in specs/quality of image and features. Sure Wii-U is a step up from the Wii, but it isn't doing anything the current consoles don't already do as far as graphics.

MaideninBlack2467d ago

Okay then why does everyone include the Wii with the PS3 and 360 when it comes to hardware sales this gen?

Fishy Fingers2467d ago

A generation is basically a measure of time, a group of individuals belonging to a specific category at the same time.

It's not some silly measure of power or graphics.

2EHO2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

So sad the majority of gamers think like this. 1st thing is Wii U earliest dev kits were able to produce better quality graphics then anything PS/360 could. Just watch zelda HD demo or the japanese garden uncut demo. 2nd thing is graphics won't make the jump it did from PS2 to PS3 the upcoming gen. All the next gen console will have comparable power but like all other gens there will be a pure winner... Hopefully we are able to get good enjoyable games for all platforms. PS4 Nextbox, and Wii U FTW!!!!! Let's stop the hate and fanyboy stuff gamers unite.

kaveti66162467d ago

Nintendo was showing off a concept of their next console.

Even at that point, the specs weren't finalized.

It was a smoke and mirror show. They probably pretended to show off their console so that they could lure Microsoft and Sony out of hiding. Once they discover the specs of their competitors, Nintendo will probably alter the specs of their console to keep up.

Solidus187-SCMilk2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

sorry but wrong. Generation isnt about power, but even if it was it is suspected that the wiiU will be more powerful than the 360/Ps3 anyways, and taht still fits your incorrect definition of a new generation.

dark-hollow2467d ago

And the wii u specs are.....????

People seriously shut your holes till we know it hardware capabilities.

SignifiedSix2467d ago

Actually, the Wii-U specs are pretty good if they are true. That tech demo of zelda alone looked better than any game on any console this generation.
Here's the wiki about the hardware and it looks pretty promising so far.

nycredude2467d ago


Reading your wiki link it sounds like it's talking about the ps3. Storage and everything is the same. The only difference is the chips and gpu. so they are just catching up but at the same time adding new chips available. I guarantee if the next xbox and PS console comes out 2013 or later that it will beat the WiiU in specs.

frostypants2467d ago

The Wii is a current gen's just based on last-gen technology.

yabhero2467d ago

I'm wondering how you know this since no offical specs have been released and rumored ( likely ) specs are 2-4 times better. Is this because some idiot said WiiU is 50 better than PS3 and no one read the part about that being the rumored specs about the underclocked unfinshed dev kits?

zero_gamer2467d ago

It's still 8th generation. "Next gen" refers to the next console cycle the system will belong to, not how powerful it is. Neither you or I know the specs of the Wii U or any other next gen console.

BitbyDeath2467d ago

I think the Wii is not being considered as nextgen because it's in a different market to the 360 & PS3.

Maybe the Wii-U will change that.

ZippyZapper2467d ago

Next gen means next console generation, wich the Wii U is.

N4g_null2466d ago

I'm just wonder how do you guys get the power7 is weaker or at the same level as the cell? The cell did not beat human players and the true power 7 is still a beast of a server/workstation. Edram is way faster than DDR ram and it laughs at Rambus crap. Read no bottle neck. Then the gpu is like 3 gens beyond the ps3 and Xbox but some how it's barely better lol.

Then two possible online services? A controller built for 3d gaming, motion control and touch. I'm not sure ms and Sony can do better than that. Your expectations are a little to high for even current pc tech.

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Optical_Matrix2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

Well yeah, Wii-U been confirmed for 2012 release date since June of this year.

So what if they're talking about Sony and MS next console? That doesn't change the fact they're saying next-gen is coming in 2012. And I'm saying, No shit. Because Nintendo's next console is coming out in 2012.

Fishy Fingers2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

Which would be relevant if they weren't talking about the next gen of PS/xbox.... But they are.

Edit: So what? LOL stop digging because you couldnt be bothered to read.

Shackdaddy8362467d ago

I think he's saying this because the poster included "wiiu" in the tag implying that the article is also talking about the wiiu. Somebody should have made the poster get rid of that tag before approving the story...

Noticeably_FAT2467d ago

Xbox 720 and Wii U will be released in 2012, PS4 in 2013. Only one company switching it's focus for Sony is a solid indication that they will be a year late to the party just like this current generation.

Not saying it's a bad thing, but it's been obvious to me for a while that Microsoft and Nintendo were switching their focus, most people assumed Microsoft switched focus to Kinect, when in actuality they were focused on the next Xbox. I'm sure it will work with Kinect as well, but I think we are going to see some nice things on the 720 from Epic, Crytek and Microsoft themselves.

5119ent2467d ago

Sony and ms will release in the same year...2012 xbox with GTA would be a disaster ..but it would explain the lack of games for xbox

Noticeably_FAT2467d ago

No way does Sony release a new console next year. They have too many games currently coming out and slated to come out next year. They are launching a handheld next year and I doubt they will want to lose a bunch of money on both that and a new console in the same fiscal year.

I think Holiday 2013 is more likely for them, Sony wanted this generation to drag on for as long as possible, they probably held out hopes of catching up to Microsoft and Nintendo.

I think the whole 3D thing and Move was a bit of a stopgap for them, much like Kinect was for Microsoft.

Worked well for a bit, but it's obvious that people want new consoles. I know some people might not want that right now, but you'll have time to save. Also, games will still be available for current consoles for years to come, so people can take their time.

I'm a tech kind of guy, so I love new consoles. I want a Wii U, 720 and PS4. I always get excited at any info when it comes to consoles.

Getowned2467d ago

Sony could always put those games on the PS4 as well as PS3,but I do agree that it is more likely 2013.All I know is 720 and PS4 day1! unless they both come out so close to each other,then I might have to wait a bit before I buy the next one if they come out in the same month im buying the console with better launch games first :P

Frankfurt2467d ago

Sony has the Vita to worry about next year.

The chances of them releasing TWO massive new pieces of hardware in 2012 is zero. Add the fact they're bleeding money in every single division and had their worst year in 2011, and... yeah, no way PS4 is coming in 2012.

2013 at the earliest.

torchic2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

i just don't believe that we'll see a new Xbox next year. it'll be like "hey everybody, here's the new Xbox! but we have our best game on the older console! enjoy!" i dunno man. don't see it.

so many AAA games releasing in holiday 2012 for 360. Halo 4, then there's GTA V, then there's BioShock: Infinite. Ubisoft listed Rainbow Six: Patriots for 360, PS3 and PC all for 2013. i think Crytek listed Homefront 2 for the same platforms and again, a 2013 release. Dead Space 3 is apparently in development and you'd think that it would be a 2013 release on current consoles. Avalanche is working on Just Cause 3 for 2013. i'm sorry. don't see it.

rob60212467d ago

I think 3rd parties will continue to develop on current platforms because they have little incentive to push a new console - It's easiest and most cost effective for them to just make a scaled up version for new consoles, but continue to release on PS3/360. The exclusive games are what will push the new consoles. The 2012 prediction is largely speculation because we know how big of a deal it is it start first and get a good 10million ahead before your competitors launch. In a sense it doesn't make sense for Sony/MS to let Nintendo get a free year on them. And both Sony/MS do not want to let each other get a head start - so I see both of them rushing the market.

damnyouretall2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

backwards compatibility man. maybe a upgrade playing on the new xbox like a 1080p res. i could see that with halo 4

Rage_S902467d ago

Where there's smoke, there's fire.

Hicken2467d ago

Except for when there's only smoke.