Mark Rein Explains How UT3 Wound Up On The PS3

Simply put, it's the ability to run (really run) user generated content. Gamasutra's Brandon Sheffield and Christian Nutt sat down with the Epic Games' mouthpiece to chat about all things Unreal-why Epic won't dedicate time to porting Unreal Engine 3 to Wii, why he's "very sensitive" about accusations that all UE3 games have a "look" and why the team decided to go to the PlayStation 3 for their latest shooter. Rein clears up some differences between user created content in Sony's LittleBigPlanet and Home which is decidedly non-"Wild West", almost anything goes when it comes to Unreal Tournament III mods.

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Shaka2K63827d ago

PS3 is the most powerfull system on the planet and xbug 360 is to weak, just barely an xbug 1.5 with free RROD.

C_SoL3827d ago

CN: How's it been working with...I could be wrong, but this is probably the first generation you've worked heavily with Japanese licensees, so how's that been?

MR: There's always a challenge working with people that don't speak the same language as you. That takes some getting used to, and we're certainly had some growing pains there, but that's the case with any American company working with Japanese companies. You've seen that in the console business. So that's a challenge, but we're having some pretty good successes, actually. The guys at Square are... there's a game that doesn't look anything like our games, but the guys at Square are doing some really incredible stuff.

CN: I'm zipping my mouth shut!

Can someone please tell me what game they r talking about?

Close_Second3827d ago


Its people like you that have been making me hold off on getting a PS3. I would hate my Son to start behaving like you and the rest of the Sony fanboy clan.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3827d ago

Oh yeah, nevermind your on drugs that would explain it or is it penis envy?

Xbox is the BEST3827d ago

UT3 comes out on the 360 graphically it will blow away the PS#3. What will the excuse be? Epic are lazy devs? Biased video? Bill Gates money? What will it be?

MikeGdaGod3827d ago

you sit here and wonder about that for the next few months while we play the game

lodossrage3827d ago

just keep telling yourself that

remix3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

if you notice the trend, when the ps3 gets developed on by devs who arent lazy and they work on the ps3 first, the ps3 version has always looked better then the 360 version. and even if the 360 version looked better (which it wont since it could barely handle mass effect which uncharted blows out the water)it wouldnt blow it out the water.

and not only will the graphics probably look better on the ps3 but we have mods, WHAT ARE YOU GONNA SAY TO THAT. AND DONT BE SURPRISED IF THIS GAME DOESNT COME OUT FOR THE 360 UNTIL NEXT WINTER 08. until,i'll be enjoying the game with mods while you guys get a dumbed down version of it a year later. AND NOT TO MENTION, HOW THE HELL COULD IT LOOK BETTER, THEY WOULD HAVE TO COMPRESS IT JUST TO FIT ON A DVD9 WHICH GURANTEES IT WILL LOOK WORSE,BOY WHAT A DUMBASS YOU ARE.LOL


joydestroy3827d ago

yeah dude, keep telling yourself that. i own both consoles and i can promise you the xbox 360 version is going to be lacking a few things the PS3 version will have.

it's going to be very difficult for them to fit the game on a DVD-9 and you still be able to do mods.

i think everyone's forgetting how Epic first said it was going to be difficult to fit all the same maps on the PS3 version like the PC one. guess it's a good thing it's a blu-ray disc.

Xbox is the BEST3827d ago

you only have one bubble and that's what you posted? When things don't go Sony's way I read devs are lazy, MS paid them off blah blah blah. The 360 will be the better looking game. Sony had to optimise the Cell so Unreal engine can run on it. 360 needs no help.

macalatus3827d ago

@xbox is the best,

"UT3 comes out on the 360 graphically it will blow away the PS#3. What will the excuse be? Epic are lazy devs? Biased video? Bill Gates money? What will it be?"

Nah...the usual cycle: MS fanboys accusing a "Sony-biased site".

deeznuts3827d ago

Well what are Xbox fans saying now, since Mark Rein has said UTIII runs way better than Gears (UE3) engine last year?

TheHater3827d ago

I am sorry but what? Even if the 360 version have the "Better Graphic" PS3 user will still have all the mods, while you have better graphic. I would rather have mods available to a game to have different and new ways to play it, than graphic any day.

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Danja3827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

To think that my post has nothing to do about which system is suprised that you guys found something to...start a flame

im sure UT3 will be good on all platforms..uhh including the 360..but Mark Rein likes the concept that Sony allows the PS3 to be an open platform...allowing User generated content.,"Mods..LBP" .

and im sure whenever UT3 comes out for the 360 it will look other the versions...if it looks any better expect some serious frame rate issues....

UT3>>> IN 2 WEEKS>>FTW..!!

Lord Anubis3827d ago

I find it quite interesting he thinks of Little big planet as re arranging chairs and he doesn't see that the levels are made from scratch using tools. In other words a User interface.

Any who to each their own. While UT3 is hardcore modding Little Big Planet is simplified (User interfaced) user generated content.

Kleptic3827d ago

yeah agreed...I think Kotaku paraphrased that incorrectly...the "re-arranging chairs/living room" was a dig he threw at Halo 3's forge last month...would he say word for word the same thing about LBP?..which rivals UT3's modding, especially considering you can do all the modifications on the actual PS3, not just porting it over from a PC...

either way can't wait for this game...

jackdoe3827d ago

Another article that links to the Gamasutra article.

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