Skyrim More Like Fallout Than Oblivion? 5 Reasons Why

It’s already here. I should have acted…wait I did…and it’s glorious! The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has taken its spot on my hierarchy of priorities somewhere between eating and breathing. I’m pale, malnourished, and sleep deprived, and all I can say is thank Talos it’s finally arrived. As I’ve played through Skyrim, I keep finding myself trying to draw comparisons to its predecessor Oblivion, but what’s interesting is that more often I feel as though I am playing Fallout 3. It would make sense from a technical perspective given that Fallout 3 was the last release from Bethesda, but it seems most comparisons I’ve read have stuck to the Elder Scrolls family. That said, here are just 5 of the reasons that Skyrim is more Fallout than Oblivion.

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Halochampian2380d ago

ruined books? oh come on. At least bring up the obvious slo-mo kill cam shot that pops up every now and then

grailly2380d ago

you're right, I agree with the title, but the reasons given are really stupid

showtimefolks2380d ago

I am hoping for a new fallout game in 2012

EliteAssass1n2379d ago

maybe 2012 if it's being made by another developer but if it's Bethesda, don't count on it.

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degenerateguy2379d ago

That list was pretty weak. You would think they would have mentioned having Companions like you could from New Vegas.

Rock_On_PS42379d ago

Oblivion on steroids. Full price for an upgrade to Oblivion?
The console versions have issues when installed to the HDD: low frame rates and freezing issues.

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