The Death of Game Instruction Booklets

TechnoBuffalo writes: "Remember getting a game, opening the case and finding an awesomely thick, well-colored and beautifully rendered instruction booklet within. What’s that you say, “barely?”

Yeah, that’s my point. Instruction booklets are becoming a thing of the past in the world of video games, and it is one of the silent deaths in this medium that I think deserves a little more attention and fuss."

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lorianguy2380d ago

It's a shame, with some electronic instructions now popping up in games like Super Mario 3D land (I forget the exact name). I used to only be allowed to play for 30 mins at a time on my PS1 and spent a lot of time reading the instructions getting hyped up for my next 30 minute installment.

Alas, all good things must come to an end.

DarkTower8052380d ago

Fallout 3 had a great booklet. Does anyone know if Skyrim had a good booklet?

Xristo2380d ago

Here is the manual that Steam provides, which looks to be just a pdf copy of the actual manual (whopping 21 pages)...

Can't speak for the consoles...

Still love the game but I miss the days of 100+ page manuals with engrossing background stories and paragraphs about stats and abilities.

Groove2380d ago

I miss the days where you'd crack open a new game and pour over the tiny details in the instructions. It helped color a new game world since it felt like the story and characters extended beyond the confines of pressed plastic and integrated circuitry

guitar_nerd_232380d ago

The snes manual for FFVI (USA SNES) is better than a lot of artbooks you get with collectors editions, it's a little silly.

I do find it a bit cheeky that for £40 they usually can't afford to print in colour even though the manuals are clearly designed for colour as they're not all that easy to read in black and white.

aubradley2380d ago

I was always the weirdo who read the manual cover to cover before starting the game. I miss them already...

ASTAROTH2380d ago

Nintendo is so cheap... even Plant vs Zombies has an Instructions Booklet and I wasnt really expecting it.

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The story is too old to be commented.