Is Nintendo Starting to Get With the Program? Magic 8-Ball Says "Yes"

Nintendo may have the upper hand when it comes to casual gamers and their loyal fans. But, Nintendo has shifted focus and also wants to target HD gamers for their new systems. They have a lot to learn if they want to catch up to Sony and Microsoft. Are they beginning to learn the ropes? This article says yes, and points to recent signs that Nintendo is changing their direction.

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Sub4Dis2435d ago

They're still a generation behind. how on earth are they "getting with the program?"

first of all, wii made a ton of money and tricked MS and Sony into foolishly following them into motion gaming. so what program do they need to get with? if it's money making, they're creating the program. if it's graphics and quality, they're behind and the wii U doesn't change that.

ChickeyCantor2435d ago

" They're still a generation behind."

What is your basis?
We still don't know what the hardware specs are.

Lord_Sloth2435d ago

The fact that it's Nintendo is basis enough in my opinion. After the Wii, I'm setting my expectations low. Hope they prove me wrong but Nin has fallen drastically this gen.

ChickeyCantor2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

So prior to the Wii they never had hardware up to date?

Your "basis" is flawed.

"in my opinion"

You're opinion means NOTHING in this matter. I asked for FACTS.

Shackdaddy8362435d ago

"The fact that it's Nintendo is basis enough in my opinion. "

That's a horrible basis. The wii has been the only console that hasn't had good hardware in it. Every other console was very good hardware-wise.

NEW-AGE2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

Its TOO late to get with THE PROGRAM, their Tech is soo Outdated, THE PROGRAM Cant run on What They got to offer, All That Money they Printed and They Cant Offer their Customers a Quality Product that can do it all, How about Wii U deliver A Pixar Toy Story-ish looking Mario Game? Starting To Get Really Stingeey with the money they made from making a Nintendo 64 tapped to a low res lcd (DS) and a Waggle Gamecube (Wii).... Only excuse they have is there pumping that money in making Mario n Zelda Games' so if it works dont break it

Mini Mario2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )


"The wii has been the only console that hasn't had good hardware in it. Every other console was very good hardware-wise. "

My friend went through three 360' that good hardware?? lol

And almost everybody i know who bought one had to get some kind of repair or replacement

>> and that's a fact !

...and not one of these "bought a wii and sold it within two hours" comments (you know those complete BS comments that no one ever takes seriously)

Mini Mario2434d ago

@new-age fool

"Starting To Get Really Stingeey with the money they made from making a Nintendo 64 tapped to a low res lcd (DS) "

Yeh because the touch screen did'nt add to the gameplay?? It was a gimmick too right?

That's why apple and sony have the same thing with there ipods and vita's

The DS came out in 2004....Play phantom hour glass or china town wars and tell me its just a low res n64

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awi59512435d ago

Nintendo is loosing money right now the casual bubble burst last year.

f7897902433d ago

Yeah. All of those copies of Super Mario Land 3D flying off the shelves do nothing for Nintendo's profits.......

You may not like Nintendo's demographics, but they make a ton of money.

awi59512433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )


Nintendos boss almost got fired last quarter their stock has dropped half in price. The wii's arent selling anymore thats just a fact. They lost 500million last quarter alone and they lost alot of money the one before that as well. Go check nintendos stock you noobs its a fact the company has lost half its worth. With the bad 3ds launch and the wii's not flying off the shelves anymore people pulled their money out of nintendo stock. Thats why nintendo wants to go hardcore now because casuals to stick around and dont buy large amounts of games long term.

awi59512433d ago


Nintendos boss almost got fired last quarter their stock has dropped half in price. The wii's arent selling anymore thats just a fact. They lost 500million last quarter alone and they lost alot of money the one before that as well.

Trunkz Jr2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

I hope they change their mind on the "only 1 person can use the Wii-u controller screen"

If they allowed 4 to play something like Goldeneye where my friends can't look off my screen, THIS would be amazing.

N4g_null2435d ago

You can't count things based on bits or MHz any more. So judging tech by generations is silly now. You can base an opinion on the apis supported. Like say shader model 4 and geometry output. Yet at the end of the day what is the frame rate and is it fun?

There won't be a jump in graphics only a jump in framerate. They will get better but that is up to the artist. Clearly the wiiu is up to date graphically and CPU wise. The demos never dropped a frame which is shocking since most new hardware struggles to impress and keep an ok framerate.

The industry clearly has play a lot of gamers into hating Nintendo this gen which actually works in their favor.

Mini Mario2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

@ Sub

"They're still a generation behind."

So when the psOne was around with the N64 they were in two different Gens??

Or when the higher powered xbox/gamecube and the lower tech ps2 were out at the same time, were they also two different Gens??

Or when the MONOCHROME gameboy was fighting off the "colourful" game gear and lynx were they also in two different gens??

FinalomegaS2434d ago

hehe I like that one with the gamergear and the Lynx...

GB ftw lol

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miyamoto2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

Is Nintendo willing to drop their tried and true "family friendly" brand loyalty for greed?

Nintendo's strongest point has been that image the soccer moms have trusted for years. And that is what kept them alive and kicking.

Nintendo Games made Nintendo systems ... and they will also be the stuff that will get the 3DS or Wii U out of the gutter. Not third party games like Mad world or Dead Space.

And they are banking on Resident Evil and Metal Gear Solid on 3DS again like they did with Game Cube?!

Are they repeating the same mistakes again with the Wii U?

Stick to your guns Nintendo don't be stubborn & stupid.

@ below

are you in denial?

If Nintendo fails the whole gaming industry will be deeply affected...even Sony is happy to coexist with Nintendo. Never did Sony stepped in Nintendo's kiddie backyard. That is what you call respect among Japanese.

Learn your gaming history.

Do you know how much in the red the whole Nintendo camp is?

VampiricDragon2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

1) The 3ds was never in the gutter. It was always outsleling every other handheld systems first uear with alot more third party support than the ds had in its first year

2) You have no idea what your talking about

miyamoto2435d ago (Edited 2435d ago )

So sales figures is your standard of success,eh?

If the white shirts at Nintendo follow your denial line of thinking I will gladly welcome Mario and Luigi on my iPhone 4S, Galaxy S2, PS3 and PS Vita after 2012.

Nintendo has the casual gamers in the corner, pinned down. And its obvious it wants more.

They did the right thing with the Wii because going head to head with Sony and M$ with the N64 and Nintendo GameCube was like suicide!!!
Thank you Gameboy to the rescue!!!

And they are doing it again with a ridiculously named machine called Wii U and a DS wannabe the 3DS?

This clearly proves that money went into Nintendo heads.

Stealth2k2435d ago

Dont listen to him.....hes just a nintendo hater with no understanding of actual numbers, historical precidence.

Venjense2435d ago

N64 couldn't go head-to-head with Sony because of the storage format created was limited and was a financial liability for 3rd parties.

Gamecube blew it because the controller could be used for many 3rd party games and again, the storage format was too limited.

For some reason, Nintendo always made some dumb decision that cut the off from having multiplats (which tend to be the more popular games) which is why they lost the previous gen, they competed on the same level but lacked games.

ChickeyCantor2435d ago

" Is Nintendo willing to drop their tried and true "family friendly" brand loyalty for greed? "

I laughed so hard over this xD

Mini Mario2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

Its funny reading some of these comments to what people think is fact or fiction

FinalomegaS2434d ago

funny, I just did this


then i forgot i was on N4G, nothing has changed.

Sidar, we've been on here a long time but sometimes schooling these "no-nothings" can be a job all on its own XD

I leave it in your hands, I do enjoy your posting as it saves me from "omg I can't believe they are still talking crap over the same issues"

At Mini M~
don't forget what they read on the web is fact enough ( off someones blog most of the time)


ronin4life2435d ago

... Nintendo isn't in the red. They thought they would make more money than they did, which in big business, is like a loss. And even if they were losing money actively, they have coffers full of cash to last years.
And what is this about sony not wanting Nintendo to fail, which has nothing to do with the topic at hand at all? I think someone needs to learn their gaming history, and that someone is you.
When the ps1 launched, it brought in a new set of casual gamers with a specific target in mind: the 12~35 male (man children, mostly)demographic. Continuing through the PlayStations history, sony has been manipulating this fanbase into rejecting anything that appeared "kiddie" by promoting dark, gritty games in order to seperate itself from and undermine its competitors, with the sole purpose of running them out of business.
Nintendo hasn't ever changed its ways to appeal to the market as a cheap cash in. They were nearly forced out trying to change themselves to compete against the image sony painted them to be, to gain back consumers who followed the sony hype train. The wii was simply Nintendo saying "screw this, lets just do what we've always done: make good consoles and games our way".
If you follow gaming history through the old magazines instead of believing everything the internet trolls tell you, you would see more than "Nintendo went casual for a cheap cash in". You would see the ads, articles, the focus in design and interest change the industry went through these last 15 years or so, a change that saw gamers ditch Nintendo. Just as sony wanted them to.

miyamoto2435d ago

What's with the conflicted response?

like vampiricdragon are you also living in denial?

well I got news for you:

"Last week's news was tragic for Nintendo: Profits for its fiscal first half were deeply in the red to the tune of $926 million.

A near $1-billion six-month loss is potentially catastrophic for most companies, but for a game company like Nintendo the profits typically come at the end of the fiscal year, the period ending in March, which includes the heavy holiday buying season. First and second quarter losses are not unheard of; they're even expected. What isn't expected, at least for Nintendo, is a potential loss for the entire fiscal year, which is what Nintendo is facing this year, projecting revenues $264 million in the red for the first time since the company began reporting profits in 1981."

We would love to see you get Nintendo back to black.

If Nintendo had its way until today video games will still be dismissed as "children's toys & playthings".
This is why then Sony President Norio Ohga, rejected Ken Kutaragi's idea of getting into video games.

If Sony stepped on Nintendo's backyard then they will be dumping the PlayStation with clones of Mario, Luigi, Yoshi,Kirby. Pokemon, Link, Starfox and Samus.

No 3D survival horror games like Biohazard, Silent Hill
No 3D spy games like Metal Gear Solid, Tenchu
No 3D JRPGs like Final Fantasy VII-IX, Legend of Dragoon
No 3D real driving simulator like Gran Turismo
No 3D adventure platforming like Crash Bandicoot, Tomb Raider
No 3D rhythm games like Dance Dance Revolution
No 3D extreme sports games like Tony Hawk Pro
Skater and so on..

With these franchises being ported to the N64 & GC & Xbox to attract the PlayStation crowd, who stepped into PlayStation turf???

And the funny stuff is the Biohazard found its way back to PlayStation 2! Where it belongs. Ha!

Nintendo knew they were not gaining the new gamers that the PlayStation brought in. They wanted to rake in the cash but they don't want their wholesome family image to get tainted so they want third parties to do the dark dirty work for them.
And guess what? It did not work! Even with the Wii and even with the 3DS.

Nintendo hardware is tailor made for Nintendo franchises and gameplay. That is how it works. That is how its done. Putting PlayStation-ish games on Nintendo hardware just don't work well.

PlayStation hardware is made for mature games that push technical advancement. Time has proven that putting kiddie Nintendo-ish games on PlayStation platform just isn't Sony's game.

Nintendo has found their own place in the world with their own doing. And Sony has nothing to do with it.

hiredhelp2435d ago

Soz dude sony had motion controll in works b4 the wii. Not talking about the eye toy other than that i agree they may still be slipping 1 step behing as always they need. To drop the family stuff be more hardcore based again mx it up been too long.

b-real2435d ago

Yes and I'm sure Sonys motion control they were working on prior to the wii looked exactly like the move (ie a wiimote ripp off) /sarcasm.

Sonys motion control they were 'working on' would have been more like the 6 axis, and we all know how that turned out.

PSVita2435d ago

there's a video on youtoube from back in 2000 of sony using an eyetoy and a stick with a colored foam ball on top on the ps2 so i highly doubt Sony copied them.

Shackdaddy8362435d ago

Sooner you just accept it, the better. The home button is even in the same exact place.

Mini Mario2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

"there's a video on youtoube from back in 2000 of sony using an eyetoy and a stick with a colored foam ball on top on the ps2 so i highly doubt Sony copied them. "

OMG seriously man ! Why would they wait 8 years >>> lol

Sony laughed at nintendo when they released the wii like everybody else in the minority (you "hardcore wannabes")

If they thought it was going to be successful dont you think they would have released it ..O gee i dunno...around the same time as the Eye toy or six axis or playstation Eye.

Give me a break.

Nintendo made it successful first. Just admit it. And honestly the crappy ass power glove was long before any of this motion control copy-cat stuff we have now.

PSVita2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

I personally believe sony wouldn't have released the move if not for the success of the wii but i wasn't arguing that. I was responding to b-real's comment about the move being a rip-off which this video clearly displays it's not. In one hand he has a controller to navigate and in the other he has a wand. The only thing the wii controller and the move controller have in common is their shape. comment.

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matey2435d ago

WiiU lets see what really is happening right

AMD there words the custom HD Radeon GPU will use our most current graphics technology doesn't point to it being based off IGN RUMOUR 4000 series as thats not the most current the 6000 series is and the WiiU GPU and 7000 series are still being made in the same state of the art building think a custom chip based off 6000/7000 series check it out TOMSGUIDE.COM it doesn't point to 4000 series.

IBM there words its a custom Power7 based cpu multi-core with lots of new EDRAM they really talk up there new EDRAM and say the WiiU will have Extreme Gameplay because of this and also in another article say WiiU's CPU is using same technology as there Super Computer Watson.

EA/VALVE want there services on WiiU and are in talks now as we speak EA want exclusivity what does all this mean ill tell you if EA are willing to go exclusive they are so happy with the WiiU power and online that they want to evolve on that console there already helping set up a more robust service than XBOX LIVE so WiiU must be a beast.

hiredhelp2435d ago

You really beleave they have a vga chip as powerfull of a top end vga in a small cinfined case. where as a ati chipset gets hotter and as like other gpu's in computers has its own deadicated mobo for obvious reasons. only way this happen if its stripped you bare minimal compared to average gpu mid end gaming rig m8. The cost m8 surely u see that i beleave what u wrote cos u taken it from the horses mouth. but find it hard to beleave it be as powerfull as a desktop mid to high end gpu. ??

N4g_null2435d ago

All I have to say is SOC. system on a chip design. If you know what edram and SRAM are for then you already know this system will be a beast. 88 Megs of SRAM got you the wii. Which is open gl pushed hard. It would take a crazy gpu to even use 88 Megs of DDR to make most wii games run at 60fps. 500 Megs of edram would be complete over kill. Imagine 5x the textures, geometry with talk floating around 1-2 gigs ram total now and beefier out put now that more wiiu controllers will be standard. It's really not hard to out do current pc gpus since windows is not really supported. Clearly from the Zelda demo all of the important shaders are supported. Also the guys above forget the wiiu will be the only console with balance. You will have truly games for every one now.

Apparently the new Xbox will just be two xboxes duck taped together, the new ps3 will be two vitas in a box. With the same games. The stories are not any better yet the game play is boring. No skill needed just a guide book.

BuffMordecai2435d ago

They need to work on that Wii U controller; thing looks awkward as hell.

N4g_null2435d ago

So did the iPad. I've held it and it actually feels better than a ps2-3 controller. The circle pads are way better than the 3ds and it won't cramp your hands like the Xbox and ps3 sticks since they are almost flat. It feels like a tacktle touch control plus the shoulder buttons are nice. The touch screen goes beyond what even most iPad devs have planned. Now with two of them this thing is going to be a beast!

ssb31732434d ago

It might look abit awkward but many websites such as ign are sayingt that its relly comfortable to hold and not as big as it looks. so it should be alright

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