GTA 5 IMDb Page Mentions Niko Bellic, NowGamer Adds Ray Liotta

NowGamer: Is Internet Movie Database evidence even accurate?


The IMDb has tidied up it's GTA V page, deleting various rumours...

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fastrez2436d ago

IMDB aren't exactly credible though are they?

Why is this news?

skyward2436d ago

Because everyone believes that Niko Bellic is in the game!

Feckles2436d ago

And the moral of this story is don't believe anything you read about GTA 5 unless it comes from Rockstar.

lashes2ashes2436d ago

imbd can be edited by anybody.

Yodagamer2436d ago

not true, ray liotta's manager already said he wasn't working at gta V

wenaldy2436d ago

A dream of GTA IV fanboy..