Zelda Williams: Grand Theft Auto bores me

Zelda Williams tells ONM why she prefers old school games such as Mario Land and Tetris to modern titles like Grand Theft Auto.

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Focus2287d ago

MmMkay. . .? Why is this on my front page?

Sarcasmology2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

This is logged as news, when it's an opinion piece, so maybe that's why? I like the sound of her voice, yet it's still just her opinion, and not news about video games.

Maybe someone can change that.

WombBat2287d ago

Its a breath of fresh air from the crap we get everyday.

Ex: "PS3 more powerful than all!"
"battlefield 3 review"(89th review)
"is modern warfare the best?"

stuff gets old real quick

Tanir2287d ago

i agree with her opinion though, well when it comes to gta4 atleast. that game was soooooo boring.

saints row 3 is more like the old gta than gta 4 is, hopefully gta5 goes back to its roots

kingdavid2287d ago

Who the hell is zelda williams?

ironfist922287d ago

Robin Williams' daughter. He is a huge fan of the Zelda series that he named his daughter after it.

Hicken2287d ago

Then you have no sense of humor.

Shackdaddy8362287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

Flubber, Mrs. Doubtfire?!?! How can you say that?!

VV Flubber IS amazing!

Hook is also a great movie.
And Death to Smoochie
And Jumanji
And Good Will Hunting

Basically my 90s childhood is filled with great Robin Williams movies.

PhantomTommy2287d ago

Flubber? are you kidding me?

Laxman2287d ago

Apart from Flubber, you got that spot on. While his movies are pretty terrible nowadays, he is one of the best standup comics of all time and his 80's/90's movies were great. Apart from Flubber.

wampdog292287d ago

Then you need to watch Robbin Williams Live on Broadway... that stand-up will change your mind completely. My father HATES stand ups, but this one makes him laugh non stop.

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Venox20082287d ago

me too, mis Zelda, me too :)

BattleAxe2287d ago

"Me too".....sounds alot like EA.

kesvalk2287d ago

"me too" will be the successor of the WiiU

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