Skyrim Launch Turns Unexpectedly Hot, Shortages Appear

While the launch of what has turned out to be the most anticipated game and sequel for the year went smoothly early this week, reports of shortages and rushed re-orders illustrates that some areas of the retail path badly underestimated interest in the title.

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Bleucrunch2558d ago

Retail under estimates SKYRIM....nonsense as far as Im concerned....this game is back flip while taking a shot of Don Julio GOOD!

lashes2ashes2558d ago

my gamestop had more people at the midnight release than showed up for cod. it was insane, game is worth it but that line sucked so bad

GodHandDee2558d ago

well I wouldn't say 'unexpectedly'

MasterD9192558d ago

A lot of good deals on this game (as well as most major titles this season) going on right now...

Doubt there is actually a physical shortage. Retailers just didn't anticipate it being a largely popular game and probably over-stocked on other games instead.

Solidus187-SCMilk2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

I still have alot of games I need to get after Im done with dark souls(im at the end and I want to play some of my new game + still AHHHHH) and had my fill of COD multiplayer geez.

I will be getting my copy soon enough. I bet there are plenty of copies around here since we have ALOT of old people and ALOT of places to buy games at.

Either way, I very happy that this game has done so well. Especially at a time when so many good games have recently come out and many of them are selling like crazy. Its great to see a bunch of people buying and supporting great games like this.

edit below-- heck yeah man, I loved morrowind, oblivion, Fallout 3 and New vegas so Im sure Ill love this one too. I think this looks like it could be even better than those games to me. Hearing you and all the other people talk about it makes me want it even more. I may have to go pick it up this weekend because it is getting hard to wait.

nycredude2558d ago

The freaking game is awesome man! Enjoy when you get it.

Lionsguard2558d ago

Not only is the game amazing, the collector's edition of the strategy guide is awesome too and its sold out everywhere.

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