DICE: Can't "Promise" Changes to Battlefield 3 UI

Today, Battlefield 3's Core Gameplay Designer Alan Kertz fielded fan questions on Reddit. Although he couldn't comment on some things BF3 related, we did get some answers to many questions users have been asking since launch. One of the major questions include a overhaul to the UI. Kertz responded to a fan's question reguarding changes to the minimap "and various smaller tweaks to ensure it is a lot more functional than the current one".

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DemonStration2433d ago

I hope they're willing to make sweeping improvements like that. The game is already fantastic.

Bleucrunch2433d ago

we will see if the fans who gave their hard earned money for that game have a say in specific changes that they have requested.

mcgrottys2433d ago

I just don't like the spawn menu and how it only takes up a small portion of your screen. I preferred battelfield 2 and bc 2 where the used all of the screen real estate. And the new spawn menu just doesn't really scream battlefield to me for some reason.

cyborg69712433d ago

As long as the gameplay screams battlefield. I could care less how the UI looks.

jjb19812433d ago

They need to add the gun attributes next to the gun in the loadout so we can compare power and accuracy etc.

DarkBlade46582433d ago

I'd like to see them fix bugs/gameplay issues than focus on redesigning a new UI.

Focus on the gameplay elements first then worry about aesthetics.

Tonester9252433d ago

I wish they just took off the ability to see a flash light shine in the broad daylight