Skyrim Vampire Guide

Nords and ladies, do you desire to go bump in the night? Does frost resistance interest you? Do you HATE garlic? Well Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim keeps up with their previous games in allowing you to contract vampirism. This ‘how-to’ will guide you through the process of not only HOW to become a vampire but what vampirism can do for you. Let’s jump right into it.

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DemonStration2441d ago

Haha I love that image. Need to play more Skyrim...

wita2441d ago

No Twilight in my Skyrim, please!

lifesanrpg2441d ago

At least he's being shot at...

WorldGamer2441d ago

I ran into some vampires for the first time last night. Head shot with the bow on one, he resurrected, then him and his sexy female vampire friend tore me a new one. Awesome.

Going to level up a bit and try that cave later.

Rhezin2440d ago

I'm barely at level 8, and my friend is at level 20 already. How the hell do people find the time to play this game? People I know have slayed up to six dragons already. I haven't even seen one flying around yet! dammit I feel left out!