The Orange Box (PS3) Impressions: Volume One

Don't tell my boss, but I've been playing video games all day. The UPS man rang the bell at Kotaku's west coast home office today with a copy of the PlayStation 3 edition of The Orange Box. You know what this is right?

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felman873954d ago

If your only gaming rig is a PS3 then you should really get this game. (along with Unreal Tournament 3) Even with its faults, it's still one of the best games released this year.

skyline20033954d ago (Edited 3954d ago )

Ok how many "Hands-On" and "Previews" for this game are going to get approved by this site that all say the same thing? Its like OK we get it. There are frame rate issues mostly in ep 1 and ep 2. But its doesnt kill the gameplay too much but its noticeable. And they cant preview TF2 because of no server support. TELL US SOMETHING NEW!!

felman873954d ago

actually, kotaku was able to get into the servers but no one was inside

gamesblow3954d ago

I'm not getting this game because it's an EA game. simple as that. I don't support EA or UBI or THQ... I cannot believe how lame WWE games are, MADDEN games are and how utterly garbage Ubi-soft games are. Sega is up there on my list too.

radzy3954d ago (Edited 3954d ago )

too bad ps3 cant handle the big boy games.

@crank : you can comment only, and i mean only when the ps3 makes a game with no framerate , and graphical issues. latest example being orange box.

crank3954d ago (Edited 3954d ago )

It will be funny when the kiddie Resistance 2 ties a noose around you and your third 360 and watches your neck snap into the next generation with a wide hideous smile.

THE_JUDGE3953d ago

as well as plenty of other PS3 games. You shouldn't be allowed to talk until MS fixes the RROD in all of their consoles. PS3 has plenty of games that we made for the system that you don't deserve to play.

deeznuts3953d ago

What were the graphical issues in COD4? Uncharted?

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