GotGame | Final Fantasy XIII-2 Interview with Isamu Kamikokuryo

Art Director, Isamu Kamikokuryo visits the GotGame office to talk about the art direction in Final Fantasy XII-2

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CLOUD19832462d ago

All sparks and no substance no1 can deny that SE is the best in the industry for graphics and FMV but dear SE the Holy Trinity of the genre is:


Graphics is not even 4th for me, sound is 4th in my list and 5th is exploration/secrets so what I want to say is SE focus on the wrong parts and that's why their games suck so much for the past 10 years, I havent see a good FF from 2000 and FFX that was the last true FF everything that follow after that was average at best and some of them the worst the series have ever see.

DistrictMime2461d ago

I couldn't agree more. You pretty much summed up what I want SE to do for their future releases. They've lost sight at what was important in their games after FFX.

I seriously miss going to the INN and shopping at actual shops in town.